Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by alec_brickie, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. anyone got the number for the TA center there or know anyone there whats it like. im new to all this TA so im trying to find out as much as possible before i comit to anything.

    could i train to be an armourer there
  2. You could train to be an armourer anywhere, everyone needs them and they are in short supply.

    Be aware though that it takes ages to get trained up to class one, and until then you can't work unsupervised, and you may be stuck in a dark room watching porn and drinking brews whilst everyone else is having fun doing warry stuff.

    Or you might be stuck in a four-tonner drinking brews and looking at porn whilst everyone else is having fun doing warry stuff.

    Armourers also have the highest rates of sexual deviancy in the army, something to do with all the porn they watch in dark rooms.

    It's a very interesting and worthwhile profession, just don't let anyone bullsh1t you into thinking you'll get to do all the fun stuff at weekends with the other lads because you won't.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. When can I start? :p

    (Do you get porn issued or do you have to bring your own?)
  5. What a load of toss (the not doing fun stuff - the rest is true). You can do the same as everyone else. Not to mention that they have fuck all idea what you are/are not doing. It really can take 6 hours (where the door has to be locked from the inside) to change a handguard.
  6. If you're doing the same stuff as everyone else how come they can have f*ck all Idea what you're doing.

    It's that old "you'll be andy mcnab by day, you'll go out and kill 50 choggies then you'll morth into fred dibnah by night where you'll retire to your shed and fix gats."

    Unless it's MATTS training, you'll be very much the remfiest of the remfs, there are benefits to that, you actually get treated like an adult and not like cattle by thick f*ckers who can't even spell SNCO.

    But don't have designs on bayoneting bad guys in afghan.

    It's horses for courses, some people love the idea of working on something technical behind closed doors, the quick promotion, the better pay, the chance to wander off and do your own thing, the porn.

    But if you have a civvy job that allows you to do all of the above?
  7. thanks for all the replys. why is there so many different views on being an armourer. why doing that job would i not be able to do other stuff. ive looked on the reigate website and has nothing about armourers. im going to try and get down there next tuseday.
  8. You will get to do other stuff, you could do AACC, P-coy, Cambrian patrol, shooting competitions, adventure training all of which deserves respect.

    It's just that some places in their desperation to recruit armourers tend to fib a little bit to gullible crows.

    Say for example you worked at reigate, which is EOD, when the rest of the lads are blowing stuff up, you won't be doing it with them, because you're not RE you'll be doing your own thing, and if they don't brake a gat that day you'll have absolutly f*ck all to do, which to me is the worse thing, cos I like to be busy.

    By all means crack on, you will be much needed and appreciated.
  9. because im new to all this army talk i dont know most abbreviations is there anywhere on this site i could find them out. how long will it take to train as an armourer after basic. whayt job do you do mark1234
  10. Check pm.