Reid takes on SAS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bossyboots, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Fantastic! Wouldn't you have liked to have been there when that little gem was dropped on the obnoxious little c*nt.

    The man's a f*cking arrsehole.
  2. Well done THAT man! About time that arrogant oxygen thief was put in his place. Would have loved to have seen his face when what TCR perceives as one of his underlings slapped him down. Some happy news for once.

  3. Biscuits,

    I think that most of the UK would agree with your statement. The man's a political waste of space and rightly so has been put in his place by the CO. Well done sunray :D

  4. I'll bet there were a few belly laughs at that one in a few messes that night. What a stupid little man. I wonder if he'll be having a PR visit to the hooligans in the near future?
  5. Well done Biscuits, astute as ever, whatever that means.
  6. Chuffed to F**k Does anyone have a shoehorn to remove Reids foot from his own mouth???
  7. Sorry to disagree - but Reid is one of the few members of this sad excuse for a Government that is actually pro forces. Compare him to his two predecessors, erm useless thingy and erm useless thingy, and he shines.

    And I speak as one who would quite happily send the whole of the government for a fully paid ten year holiday in one of those camps that used to be run by KGB reidents family.
  8. :)

    What about an investigation into the lies and incompetence that have resulted in the deaths 104 Armed Forces personnel?
  9. This small piece of info on John Reid Defence Secretary,courtesy of Littlejohn in the SUN newspaper some time ago.

    John Reid has been appointed Secretary of State for Defence.
    We'd have been safer with Dr John the Night Tripper.

    Could this be the same Dr John Reid who used to stand on tables in pubs entertaining fellow drinkers with a selection of IRISH rebel songs while the IRA murdering British soldiers and civilians?

    Or the John Reid who within living memory wanted to get rid of all Britian's weapons and surrender to the Russians?

    The John Reid who was still in the COMMUNIST PARTY long after the invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia and well after the world became aware that Stalin had slaughtered more people than Hitler?

    This is a man whom the Prime Minister thinks is a fit and proper to be in charge of Britain's armed forces.

    Vote Labour!

    Sorry,I forgot.You did.

    Not my comments folks, LittleJohn of the Sun.
  10. But this is NEW Labour where all sins past and present are forgotten. I remembered he had a past, forgotten it was so colourful. He was a lad wasn't he!
  11. Did he actually grow up?? 8O
  12. HA, HA , love it. That bloke is a disgracefull excuse for a polititian. RMP investigation FFS.... Here it is... 2 bods get nicked... thier lives are in danger..... We send the boys in & rescue them... Why the need for an investigation ? Or is it just to appease the Military hating left of his own pathetic party. ***** the lot of em !!

  13. Have to agree with Mushrooms comments with regards to the previous DS's, but like LT said - why an investigation anyway?

    And is there another link to this story? I can't help be skeptical about a story like this that appears in the Mirror and nowhere else.
  14. I couldn't find one MyssL, sorry.