Reid Stitched Up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PoisonDwarf, May 6, 2007.

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  1. John Reid has conceded defeat then. I reckon he was always Blair's horse, hence his appointment to three different cabinet positions recently. They were clearly an attempt to make him employable; a jack of all trades and not just an ex-Chancellor like Broon. Unfortunately for Reid, Broon stitched him up. Who do you think leaked all the recent home office problems?!! Now Broon has made it clear that he won't even elect him to the cabinet when he gets in, Reid is going to bide his time and make a bid for the leadership when Broon gets kicked out in 3 years time. Anyone disagree?
  2. Reid strikes me as someone with a spine all beit a bit of a pleb. Now as it's a given that most politicians are plebs that puts him in favour.

    When Brown gets booted out in 4 years Reid will hopefuly take hold of the Labour party and rescue us from a Conservative government still without any policies 4 years in.

    You heard it here first!
  3. I'd imagine even as we speak Reid is being gently worked on to stand against Brown.

    I believe he could win it too.

    Maybe we could start a "Troops back Reid" rumour? :D
  4. Well, he was part of the team that did the Strategic Defence Review....
  5. Can't see it myself. Miliband's going to be the next Labour leader, although having said that, Broon won't want to give up the job even if (when) he loses the next general election. I foresee lots of internecine fighting for the soul of the Labour party - and if the Tories manage to reclaim the centre ground it may get very bitter. As for Reid, if he is going to do it, it has to be now - he's 60 already.
  6. I suspect that it's more a case of Reid stitching Brown up rather than the other way round.

    Reid is one of the few vaguely competent ministers Blair's three administrations have produced. He at least had some idea of what it was he was trying to do. Compare that with Prescott, Hewitt, Beckett, Hoon, Jowell, Blunkett, Morris [who at least recognised her limitations], etc, etc.

    Now, if he wants, he can sit on the back-benches, making suitably weighty contributions to the debate and - as Brown finds the party heading towards the next election in a somewhat confused and incompetent state, harried by the media at every turn - suggesting how the party needs to regroup, renew and so on, making himself a serious challenger should the party dispense with Brown's services. And he does this while managing to be a real pain in the arrse of a man he can't stand without ever appearing to be disloyal.

    It'd be interesting to know whether or not Brown's reaction to this news has been one of pleasure, or - and suspect more likely - concern that one of the few big hitters in the government who's not yet been tainted with scandal/the badge of incompetence [given that Reid seems to be regarded as having managed to turn the Home Office into merely a shambles rather than the utter disaster it was when he took over] is loose on the backbenches, unbounded by collective responsibility and free to say what he wants...
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I know he's from the 'street bruiser' school of politics that pretty much has died a death in the Labour Party, but I think he was the most competent Defence Secretary we've had for a good long while. I was a bit surprosed and disappointed when he moved to the Home Office, especially given the non-entity that replaced him.
  8. Out of a very bad batch of apples Reid is the only one Id trust. He's done as well as I think any one possibly could do whilst surrounded by the back stabbing bLiar gang. I havent voted labour for the first time in 19 years :(
  9. I don't think I'd trust him anymore than the rest of the bad batch of 'rotten' apples - I too haven't voted Labour for the first time in 34 years!!!

    As for John Reid being stitched up - is that really the case? This man has held 9 Cabinet Positions in 10 years, what exactly has he ever achieved?

    :? :? :?
  10. I was half listening to John Reid as he announced his imminent departure on the box this morning. He made the case that he had undertaken 9 jobs in 10 years and it was time for a rest (aka "I want to spend some more time with my family"). I assume that means that he has looked at the handover of power from Blair to Brown and has decided that he doesn't stand a chance.

    I agree that this could be a waiting game; anyone with any sense must realise that the Government is now in trouble and heading for more. Brown could easily lose the next election and John Reid would be there with a safe pair of hands....

    It also occurred to me that Reid's resignation will leave the Government a smidgin short of talent; they have not been pulling through the younger members of the Party and the lack of experience and skill-sets is starting to show. Eric Joyce MP for SoS for Defence anyone?

    We live in interesting times!

  11. The fear and enmity of Brown?

    One of the reasons he held so many positions for so little time was that the [irony] stunning array of talent within the government [/irony] meant that there was always a department that needed someone half-competent to run it.

    So - starts out at MoD (where he wants to be). Proves pretty good at job.

    Prescott utterly fouls up the transport part of his Portfolio by getting in the way of the nice, earnest, but politically lighweight Gavin Strang (which gets Strand sacked). Reid (good at MoD) sent to try to sort out mess. Getting somewhere, when -

    Donald Dewar steps down as Sec of State for Scotland to become First Minister. Safe (& Scottish) pair of hands required. Well volunteered, Dr Reid. Getting somewhere, when -

    Mandleson resigns as Sec of State for NI. Safe pair of hands needed, well volunteered Dr Reid. Seems to be doing OK as far as press concerned, when -

    Estelle Morris realises that she isn't good enough to be Sec of State for Education. Reshuffle. Charles Clarke made Morris's replacement. Safe pair of hands likely to get on with the party membership needed. Who? Reid. Does well as party chairman, but then -

    Robin Cook resigns over Iraq. Safe pair of hands needed to take over. Guess who?

    Then, 3 months later, Alan Milburn resigns as Sec of State for Health. Safe pair of... you get the picture. Just about bedded in to this post when Blair finally realises that 'TCH' is not a term of endearment as his Sec of State for Defence fondly imagines, and that TCH has made an utter c*ck of running the MoD. Which is a bit unhelpful as the nation is involved in two wars. Reid is only option as he's a safe pair of hands and holds the services in high regard (as he wasn't slow in saying)

    At this point, Treasury panics. Forces-friendly minister (rumoured to be) causing bother over lack of funding? Popular with the media? Help! He may persuade the PM to take money meant for funding social welfare programmes for disabled bereaved ethnic minority lesbians from the Upper Voltan community in Islington and force us to give it to those nasty, brutish soldier types! Gordon (who hates him) now even more unhappy with John.

    Then, luckily for Gordon, Charles Clarke has to resign after making complete c*ck of the Home Office (or making even more of a c*ck of it than the last incumbent). Safe pair of hands needed to sort out the mess

    Only one man for the job...

    Reid's shuttling around various offices of state is a damning indictment of just how little real talent there's been in Blair's 3 administrations. Reid's never been in post long enough to really achieve anything, because somebody else's lack of achievements have needed sorting out.
  12. Bloody hell, Archimedes, you have a good memory!

    And you made some good points!

  13. Yeah I reckon Reid has been told rather firmly by Gordon that must play the game or go. So Reid's only chance of trumping Broon is from the backbenches and making a bid against Cameron in 2010. Despite his age he's a heavyweight, while Cameron's a smug PR man with no substance. But...9 jobs in 10 years? If a bloke on a council estate had the same record, everyone would say that he was lacking loyalty, has a short attention span and clearly can't be trusted!

    I used to think Reid was straight-talking and trustworthy but I've been studying him recently. Every time he's questioned, he weasels out of giving a straight answer and my trust in him has eroded completely. If the questioner asks him about public opinion he answers about it being a media conspiracy (always a sure sign that they're panicking) and other such slimy tactics. He's not alone though - most politicians from all the other parties are equally guilty. But Reid is a particularly virulent form of weasel. Honestly, listen to him next time he's on TV or Radio and see if he gives a straight answer!
  14. John Reid was on telly a few weeks ago. He pointedly refused to deny that an executive release order would be issued after the Home Office splits next week.

    Executive release involves ministers overriding the courts and releasing prisoners before the end of their sentence. It will be done to ease prison overcrowding. It's inevitable that some of the released prisoners will go on the rampage after release. The tabloids will not be kind.

    I suspect JR doesn't want to be associated with this. He won't want to be left carrying the can either if Osama's UK franchise succeed with a spectacular that kills thousands.

    Wee John's job is a poisoned chalice. Broon will have to look hard for a competent successor.
  15. He has become more evasive, but given the state the party's in at the moment, how can he do anything but avoid the question?

    Take this simple question:

    Dr Reid, why is Labour so unpopular?

    He would probably wish to answer thus:

    There are two factors, Mr Dimbleby. First the current leader developed messianic and megalomanic tendencies at some point during his journey up the rectum of the President of the United States and is thus totally out of touch with planet earth, causing the electorate to hate him.

    Second, I fear that the electorate has finally realised that Gordon Brown is a dour, humourless, power-obsessed financial illiterate who has somehow managed to bluff his way through ten years of running the economy by following Ken Clarke's fiscal policy for as long as possible. Sadly for Gordon, this policy has now become outdated and he's been trying to do his own thing. Which hasn't worked. He might have got away with this had his last budget not prompted an array of economists to stand up and proclaim that the Chancellor has managed to display he has no clothes while ensuring the rest of the electorate has no pension. So electorate hate him as well.

    Add to that the fact that it seems that only four of us in the goverment have the first clue about how to run a government department, and it's no small wonder that the polls suggest we're f*cked.

    Does that answer your question?

    However, political convention demands he answer thus:

    I think, Mr Dimbleby, that this is nothing more than an irresponsible piece of mischief by a media conspiring to drive the news agenda forward and to overlook the real achievements made by this government.