Reid statement on troops to Afghanistan expected Thursday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. BBC Lunchtime news reporting 4000.
  2. 4000, but they are not sure whether that will include the Troops in Kabual and MaS.

    Therefore anywhere between 3500-4500 me thinks....

    The MoD spokeman sounded like he nearly came when he mentioned that 6 YES 6 Appache helicoptors maybe deployed!
  3. Did'nt know we had 6 Apaches in working order.
  4. Reid had to give an Emergency Statement in the Commons today (Wed 25 Jan 06) following leaked press reports today. He stated that he would be giving a full statement tomorrow (Thu) giving details of the deployment after consultation with his cabinet colleagues. He did make the point that all the info in the papers today was published in the Sun in Aug last year!

    Take a look at and follow the link for 'Parliament Live' to watch these statements for yourself, or watch stuff like the Defence Commity. A lot of info comes out which is never reported in the press (or if it is it's as 'rumour' months later!). Media never seems to get the detail tight., and tends to put their own agenda on statements. Best to watch or read it yourself I've found.
  5. I understand that Kosovar refugees in 1999 were full of excitement about the arrival in theatre of "THE APACHE".
  6. Shouldn't that be Head of the armed forces? a) to determine if there are troops available and b) if they had the equipment and funds for such a deployment.

    Just a thought

  7. 6 helicopters wow! What will they show at air shows now?
  8. The two Typhoons we can get into the sky at any one time.
  9. The ones that don't fly, they'll just put them on static display.
  10. AD was beginning to annoy me with the asinine contributions he had made to several other strings. I'm sad enough to confess that I went and had a look at all his previous offerings. I've now got an image of a rather sad individual, giggling at each bite at his posts (as he will doubtless be doing now). He ain't no Cousin and he certainly devotes a certain amount of time to constructing his posts but I'm at a loss to fully understand what he hopes to achieve from them. ARRSERs, almost universally, see through them. MN contributors - especially from the other side of the pond - seem to sidestep him effortlessly (Quite an achievement for a nation that regards Gridiron as football and wouldn't recognise a proper sidestep if it danced past them). So, AD, beyond getting some sort of atavistic frisson when someone like me bites, whats it all about? Is it a cry for help? Were you abused as a child? Don't you have any friends? Can I help..... I do care.....deeply.... really.
  11. Meanwhile, Pakistan puts 80,000 troops into Waziristan, and some people thing it's not doing 'enough' :roll: What the hell is NATO doing then?!
  12. Could be completely wrong but I think the NATO mission is more about the stabilization of southern Afghanistan and the prevention of narcotics trade. Kabul as we all know has absolutley no control over the area which in its self raises the possibility of good old border conflicts with Pakistan.
  13. AD. Stop watching telly so much. It's all made up, even Sesame Street.
  14. So we'll all have to learn Spanish to fit in with the Hispanic States of America then. OK.