Reid plans border-control force

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Judge_John, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. This has all the hallmarks of a PCSO style Force!.

    Link here
  2. Too late !

    Every problem in Britain stems from lack of border controls.

    TB - we are now the TB capital of Europe, after we were the first to eradicate it :(
    Foot and Mouth - illegal diseased imported meat caused this
    Gun Crime - open door policy means you can bring in anything
    Illegal immigrants - and with this the rise of the BNP :(
    Alot of benefit fraud ?
  3. I don't think there is one cause. I think there are many. It all points to one thing though. We need ID cards - and fast.
  4. Don't be silly ID cards are as useful as tits on a boar.
    No other country feels the need for them.
    Simply and cheaply refuse entry for suspect peoples then we will restrict their freedom rather than ours !
  5. TB - any Eastern European capital has twice the TB rates than UK
    Foot and Mouth - Wrong, try underhand farming practises in the UK
    as for the rest of it.....Check your facts before spouting crap

    As for the border force, why must this government invent new agencies, rather than support, expand and re-vamp the forces in place.
  6. ID Cards haven't solved any problems in countries that have them so why do you think they'll do any better here ?

  7. It aint crap, all of that I mention originates beyond our borders and travels freely across.
    If we still had a strongs Customs agency none of those problems would be a problem.

    What do you mean underhand farming practices and Foot and Mouth just doesnt appear
    it had to be imported.
  8. Spain's had ID cards for years. I don't particularly care either way, apart from the proposed cost of them here. They cost something like Euros 6 in Spain whilst we've had amounts ranging from £80 up to £300 mentioned!
  9. err - "No other country feels the need for them"?

    what feckin planet are you living on?

    We need foolproof ID cards with fingerprint and iris technology. This way we can introduce street checks. It will also cut down social security fraud by £1,000,000's.

    I for one would gladly live in a '1984' world if it got rid of illegals and spongers.
  10. Regards a border force, surely it would make more sense to expand the BTP, and let them have the role?
  11. If there are enough of them. there is only 5 down my way to cover over 150 mile rail radius!!
  12. Who says they haven't solved problems? Cite sources please.

    Regardless - I'm not just talking about a simple Ausweiss here (no other country uses them LOL) I'm talking about a sophisticated system.

    I'd gladly pay whatever it costs to get one and I believe that the cost will be offset in the short term by the reduction in dole fraud.
  13. I would agree wirth that. The infrastructure and expertise is already there.

  14. Gee GDav thats crazy talk,

    Why would we need fingerprint and Iris technology ?

    Why would we need street checks ?

    Benefit fraud can be dealt with by taking a much more tougher line not by provided a new ID card

    Terrorism will have won if we start curtailling our own freedoms, do you not think.

    Besides a wouldnt put too much faith in them, as theres always a way around it.
  15. I wonder if they'll give them a green uniform, as is the 'mode' with border forces.