Reid Heckler Abu Izzadeen arrested under anti terror laws

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Contrarian, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Abu Izzadeen, the radical Muslim cleric who heckled John Reid last year has been arrested in connection with suspicion of encouraging terrorism. About time too, he was one of those in the Dispatches programme at Green Lane mosque in Birmingham.
  2. Reid Heckler Arrested

    Abu Izzadeen, the radical Muslim who barracked Home Secretary John ]eid last year, has been arrested for allegedly encouraging terrorism.

    Izzadeen, 31, was held this morning in Leyton High Road, east London, under Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006.

    Scotland Yard said it related to an "on-going inquiry".

    It is understood to relate to a speech he gave in the West Midlands area - thought to be Birmingham - last year.

    That speech apparently pre-dates the widely publicised incident in September when Izzadeen heckled Mr Reid as he addressed a 30-strong group of Muslims in Leyton.

    Izzadeen is in custody at a central London police station.

    Radical Muslim leader Anjem Choudhury responded to news of his arrest by saying that Muslims were now the subject of a "witchhunt".

    In September last year, Izzadeen hijacked Mr Reid's attempt to connect with British Muslims .

    Izzadeen interrupted the Home Secretary and launched into an angry tirade.

    "How dare you come to a Muslim area when over 1,000 Muslims have been arrested?" he said. "You are an enemy of Islam and Muslims, you are a tyrant. Shame on all of us for sitting down and listening to him."

    Continuing his diatribe, Izzadeen said Mr Reid, Tony Blair and George Bush could "all go to hell". Izzadeen is a well-known Islamic extremist who has been investigated over controversial comments about the July 7 suicide attacks.

    He came to public prominence after refusing to condemn the 7/7 London bombings. Instead, he described the attacks as "mujahideen activity" which would make people "wake up and smell the coffee".

    Izzadeen, also known as Omar Brooks, is said to be a former spokesman for the radical Islamic group al-Ghurabaa, an offshoot of al-Muhajiroun - both of which are now banned in the UK.,,30000-1250721,00.html

    Why have they waited so long?
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I thought I recognised his ugly visog. They should arrest him, break him up into little pieces and post him off to Saudi.
  4. Oh dear, have H.M. Rozzers slapped the matching bracelets on Trevor Brooks? (sorry, I of course mean Abu 'I want-to-blow-myself-up-but-haven't-got-round-to-it yet' Izzadeen)

    I saw this idiot up close at the 'Islam Debate' in Trinity College Dublin some months ago, and have to say that even by the depraved standards of Islamic extremism this fellow is a plonker of the first order. If it's possible to get over the fact that he's an Islamic extremist from Jamaica (Jamaica? - they must be laughing their socks off in Kingston at this clown), and manage to listen to the unmitigated b*ll*cks he spouts, it quickly becomes clear that he's full off p*ss and wind; he talks sixty to the dozen and sounds as if he has overdosed on Islamic Extremism for Dummies.

    That said, even though he is a hate-mongering gobshite, it's clear he believes the stuff he spews.
  5. Maybe he thought it best not to preach in Jamaica?

    The JCF is not renowned for it's tolerance and understanding.
  6. I remember watching him on Newsnight where he stated (quote):

    "What I would say about those who do suicide operations or martyrdom operations is they’re completely praiseworthy. I have no allegiance to the Queen whatsoever or to British society, in fact if I see mujahideen attack the UK, I am always standing with the Muslims, never against the Muslims.

    "I would never denounce the bombings, even if my own family was to suffer, because we always stand with the Muslims regardless of the consequences."

    And then he allegedly pops an ad on a dating website asking for three more Islmaic wives!

    Oi! Trev mate! How about mulling over the fact that someone will be spreading their prayer mat next to your bird's whilst you are doing 3 years in Belmarsh!
  7. Caption competition of the day:

    Trev Brooks - "and when I get out after taking warm showers with big Gloria and Dave the gay axe ring piece is going to be this big!"

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  8. I'm a bit confused here .... this tosser appears to be a danger to us all. I thought the only people you could shoot, arrest or harass using the terrorism laws were old people, Brazilians and anyone wanting to fly.
  9. About f*ck*ng time too. What do a minority have to do to get arrested? My mate got nicked for trying to help someone who had passed out. The coppers were pulling my mate away. He told the copper to let go and f*ck off. My mate was putting the passed out bloke in the recovery position. Nice hey?
  10. "In the clip, Izzadeen says: 'Whoever allies himself with the Kaffirs (nonbelievers) against the believers, he is one of them.

    'So those so-called enemies to Allah who join the British Government – 'cos remember the British Government, my dear Muslim brothers, are crusaders – crusaders come to kill and rape Muslims – whoever joins them is a mortal Kaffir.

    And his only hukum (punishment) is for his head to be removed"


    You can see the man at work here.
  11. Hmmm....all very strange but mostly hypocritical given that there have been others openly 'encouraging terrorism' for years and never arrested for it like Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness and their ilk.

    Why were they not arrested for 'encouraging terrorism' ?

    Why cherry pick those you decide to arrest ?
  12. "This is a police state against Muslims, it's always Muslims being arrested and prejudiced against"

    It wasn't the Pope who strapped a pack on and took the Tube mate.
  13. Eh? Adams was interned twice and imprisoned once, as well as banned from public speaking or broadcasting. McGuinness was also imprisoned. Both have since been shown to have been active in rather more than just speaking up for terrorism.
  14. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    About bloody time. No other comment needed
  15. Just been on Channel 4 news, that Abu is a Muslim convert who's original first name was.......Trevor.