Reid defends ethical army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by daz, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. daz

    daz LE

    full story
    about bloody time as well

  2. Absolutely, And praise where it's due. Reid has had a slow start, but traditionally he has always been a fan and I hope this is a positive sign of a more robust line from an otherwise completely flabby government.
  3. I for one was glad to see the back of Geoff "Buffoon" Hoon, however Reid has been very slow to support the troops in his newish post. Its about bloody time he made a statement like this!
  4. Great statement. How though will he influence decisions to persecute those who do their job on the ground but fail to satisfy the desk drivers back in UK?
  5. Mr Reid, as an ex-Communist and now slavish adherent of Blairism, is indirectly responsible for our "Human Rights" obsessed, spin-dominated and litigious culture. He was part of the cadre (I'm sure he would approve of the term) who have foisted this on us with stealth and sofa government.

    So he can hardly blame others when the army reaps what he and others like him sow.
  6. Why did he hold off making this statement? Could it be because public opinion has been measured and the spin doctors feel this support is inline with middle England? Don't be to eager in praising Mr Reid.
  7. I wouldn't be so quick to either. There are some very embarrasing moments coming our way soon and he's just trying to head the off at the pass.
  8. Good for him, but as Veg said, lets not be too quick to praise. There will be the usual ulterior motive here. Reid is not stupid and can read the future, no surprise then, that at a time when the Miserable Fifer is shamelessly praising "Our Boys" (having fecked us over for 8 years), others in the Cabinet with hopes for promotion, are falling in line.

    A little substance with these remarks would make me less cynical. see also: AG says no troops will be referred to Hague!
  9. Absolutely! I very much doubt that this spin-driven government would officially endorse anything or anyone until the pollsters declared that it was at least a politically neutral thing to do.
  10. Hear hear!

    He is not backing up any statements with decent pay offers or amendments to controversial changes such as stopping unpopular re-badging etc...
  11. i've never met a politician who had your interests at heart.
  12. Why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is...why won't he trust troops (etc) with a Federation?
  13. Wouldn't trust the Great Dr Reid as far as I could throw him. He says one thing and means entirely another. The sooner we are rid of him and his colleagues the better!

  14. He's slyly currying favour with the CoC. Less than opaque, this scummer.
  15. Guys , some replies edited. Please keep the flowery language down , it's not the Naafi bar.