Reid attacks unfit department

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 23, 2006.

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  2. I'm probably swimming against the flow here but I quite like Reid and think he would have been a good Defence Minister if he had been allowed to stay at it. Certainly the best of a bad lot.

    Awaiting incoming.
  3. He talks a good fight. Just have to see what he can pull off at Home Office. Pity the fcukwits before him didn't do anything.

  4. It is nice to know that someone who as taken over the home office is at last sorting things out he did a excellant job with the defence
  5. Is this a cleverly disguised stab at his predeccessors in order to get the first blow in, before they start mouthing off about Tony and his 'sofa' style of government? :roll:
  6. Or preparing for a leadership bid???
  7. JR for PM

    He was the only member of Armed Forces Special Interest Group that came to NI in 1990 that appeared to show any interest at all.
  8. Shame he didn't do it at MOD...
  9. True but towards the end of his short stint he was at least talking up the virtues of the British soldier publically, something most of his predecessors never bothered to do. Perhaps this one instance of leadership shocked me into a warm glow?
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Standing in file behind B_N on this one. Thought he had the making of a pretty good Sec of State for Defence. Why does the PM insist on playing musical chairs with Ministers so often? They barely have time to settle in and get a grasp of the Depts they're supposed be running when they're whisked off to another post. A bit like some staff officers I've known :D .
  11. To be fair, this Government has not gone in for the musical chairs of previous governments. Some departments in this Government have been fairly stable. The reason that Ministers are switched around is to give them the experience; we are talking about ex-social workers, journalists and the like, and they need the experience!

    I have always thought of John Reid as a hatchet man, the type you send in when there is dirty work to be done, which is why I was puzzled at his move to Defence. However, I was actually warming to him as SofS - I thought he was a lot better than Hoon, and I was looking forward to him engaging with the Treasury. I cannot yet comment on Des Browne but he has, so far, made the right noises.

    Interesting times lay ahead!

  12. This attack. Was a full-blooded frontal charge with bayonets attached?

    Or was it just a minor private b0ll0cking to senior staff for letting down the New Labour vision. Followed by a carefully crafted set of words for the general public that make it look more than it was?
  13. Sorry but the Head Pr 1 ck got shunted sideways instead of an inteview without coffee, this allows him and his followers the chance to stuff up yet another department.

    Not a dynamic opening gambit in my view
  14. Nick Robinson's blog on the BBC news site has this right, I think. It's the Sybil Fawlty defence: "Oooh, I knoo-o-ow." That's the cry he can bring out now whenever anyone points out that the Home Office is falling to bits.

  15. Speaks well