Reid admits problems will continue

Telegraph Online said:
Reid admits problems will continue

John Reid said today he expects to discover further problems within the Home Office in the coming weeks.


I suggest a slow hand-clap for the stating - belatedly - the bloody obvious :x


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Half of me thinks that he was put in that job just so that he would be shafted. Most of these 'stories' started being leaked when he got the job.

I'm in two minds about the bloke - on the one hand, he doesn't appear top be sitting on his backside quaffing shampers like some of he predecessors, but on the other hand, he's trying to swing judges to get out of the over-crowding c0ck-up.

Slow hand-clap yes, but I do think that most of the other bods who have done the job previously, or might be put in to do the job would be saying something along the lines of "The issues being run up the flag-pole by the multi-gender, ethnic-non-specific media and stakeholders are ones that are, have been, and will continue to be addressed in a forward, blue-sky, thinking that is outside the box".

Admitting "The problems will continue" is if nothing else, honest. I hope he gets them solved before he gets binned in favour of someone who can play the media better, whilst not doing the job.
It is a canny way to drip feed the bad news out, isn't it?

I wonder how many horror stories they are sitting on to take this line?

Stand by for some more crackers in the "coming weeks".

The problems in the Home Office are deep rooted and being going on for donkeys. Blindwit and Big Ears managed to keep the lid on some of the stories escaping, but they both had their fair share of corruption and screw-up stories being made public.

I suspect Reid has said what has said because he has a large pile of paper on his desk right now and its all BAD news. He'd like to keep it all quiet and bury it somewhere. Unfortunately, he knows that as certain as the Pope is catholic, some of it is going to get leaked - and so he's just getting his 'told you so' in early.

For 10 years, the Home Office's main aim has been to meet arbitrary 'targets' that Neue Arbeit thinks will win votes. Doing their 'real' job has become an irrelevance - staff are pinged from one department to another 'fire-fighting' bad news stories and bad target outcomes.
The Home Office makes the MOD look like the sine qua non of efficiency and creativity. Reid however is not capable of changing anything, he is the man who comes in at the end of the cooking process and makes a little instant gravy then takes all the credit. In this case there isn't enough Bisto in the world to overcome the image and reality of the HO's failings.
Anyone who gets the job of Home Secretary is bound to become a cropper.
I was once offered that job down the job centre but wisely blanked it and took the McDonalds job instead.

Even today as I flip burgers I can't help thinking how lucky I am not to be the Home Secretary and what a narrow escape I had.