Rehabilitation for wounded soldiers

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by eyes614, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. I'm a platoon commander who has had two of his soldiers wounded in Iraq. One is still going through rehab at Hedley court, while another has recently returned to battalion.

    To that end I would like to start this thread to allow others who might have been wounded or injured to swap ideas and stories etc... and help others returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with moral support and the like.

    Ultimatly I'm looking to start some kind of website (if it already hasn't been done) that will provide links, information and directions for British service men and women who are looking for some where that brings toghether all of the differnet support agencies.

    Any advice, ideas and directions from others would be welcome.
  2. May I suggest the social workers at Headley Court. There understanding of the requirments and needs of our injured is very vast. If you like a contact Tel No, then please email me and I will supply you with that number.

  3. There was a website set up by an Officer as a part of a rehab thingymajiggywaddyacallit It was pretty good, made as a diary, he had his Dads diary on the website, said what the family were feeling and how his recovery went, I read it all in one night and I cannot find the link for love nor money!!!

    Royal Irish IIRC

    Anyone got the link???
  4. See here.
  5. I've come accross his site before. I thought it was very good. Something along those lines that allows everyone to communicate is what I'm looking to set up, as well as provide information, help and links to areas such as BLESMA etc...

    Keep the suggestions comming.
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    I was going to post this as a separate item but thought this thread was as relevant as any:

    Source here

    Le Chevre
  7. Try also The Royal British Legion on 020 7973 7215.
  8. Have you thought of setting up a forum on ArmyNET - all the agencies have links on the site and it would provide a secure context for discussions and easy access for everyone.