Rehabilitation for PARAs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PORG, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Just been informed that the Regional Rehabilitation Unit at Colchester is going to be closed by some Lt Col at Headley Court who has never visited the place. The existing physio facilities attached to the MRS will have to make do. What an amazing piece of Staff Work. God knows where the injured paras, made limbless on Herrick or suffering from serious injuries will have to go now. The nearest RRU is at RAF Honington and is full of trainees. Apparently that can't close because it is RAF!!!!! Never heard anything so badly thought out in all my life.

    The RRU Colchester looks after the whole of 16 Air Assault Brigade, wherever they are...Canterbury, Woodbridge, Wattisham or Colchester.

    Marvellous and I do believe the guy who made the decision once was "Airborne"..... Clearly now he is "Chairborne" Geek

    Nonquam non Paratus
  2. Source?
  3. I take it you put that there for the irony?
  4. ugly

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    Fire up the outrage Hercy bird!
  5. RRU are certainly being looked at with a view to optimising the capability, but no decision has been made on what is to be retained and what is not, and it certainly won't be a decision made by an OF3.

    Colchester RRU provides a service to the whole of the south of England, and not just 16x. A 'new' facility for it to occupy is currently being provided in Merville Barracks, and you can rest assured that the CofC is most keen to retain this capability in Colchester.

    Scaremongering in ones first post is not normal - not got a vested interest in the outcome have you?
  6. Bit of an IO failure here it would seem if people haven't been informed of why a decision has (or hasn't) been taken and what measures are in place to mitigate the impact.

    I don't mean to be picky (but I will be) - isn't an OF3 a Major? Major Calamity if this is true.................
  7. No vested interested and it is not my first tour, in fact never been a medic in all my life. Sorry to disappoint.

    Strikes me that this has all be poorly staffed and not very well thought out. How can a "Super Garrison" and home of 16 AAB not be worthy of maintaining its RRU?
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    Think we'lll need the Outrage C-17 for this one ugly!
    I'll call the hotel & get the growbags outta the bar!
  9. Strikes me that you have the keys to the outrage bus in your grubby mitts but not quite all of the facts and have discovered the internet as well. The Armchair Warrior convinced me that adults wouldn't screw up a rather key and emotive service.
  10. maybe its best we get a few more facts out before we go screaming off into the distance.... been to the facility in colchester, whilst it is small... it was well run and did a great job. Bonus was having the pool right next to the gym...
  11. i was there recently and they were planning to close but to move to a new facility just up the road next door to the new swimming pool so im sure there is nowt to worry about
  12. Heard about it on the train to H4H rugby.

    Heard that they interpreted the stats all wrong down at Headley Court and Colchester was the one for closure. Bad admin......why are Headley Court making the decision, surely this is one for the men in the building with a Big Green Roof!

    Scaremongering is not the aim.....exposure of the truth where incompetent staffing results in reducing military capabilty.

    No doubt the author will get a pat on the back, promotion to at least 2 levels above his level of competence and home for tea and medals!!!!!
  13. Must be true then............................... :roll:
  14. 16 Bde stretches a little further then this. Tern Hill as an example.
  15. Don't want to stop the outrage bus but:

    The suggested plan is the plan. The current RRU is housed in an old gymnasium that is well past its sell-by date. It will move to a newly refurbished gymnasium in Merville Barracks, that is being further refurbished to meet the needs of a modern fit-for-purpose rehabilitation facility. It will have access to the newly-built swimming pool in Merville Barracks, which, although further away from the RRU in terms of distance, is miles ahead in terms of facilities and capabilities.

    The RRU staff seem to be delighted with this, but obviously others see it somewhat differently.