Rehabilitating the Arrse hole.

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by EX_STAB, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Keep it as it is - Locked for ordinary users.

  2. Put it back as it was - so users can keep talking drivel in their own special corner

  1. The original purpose of the ARRSE hole was apparently:

    Do read that carefully. I was going to highlight bits but I would have highlighted almost all of it.

    Since the Troll wars last year "The Hole" has been locked "read only" and lots of threads end their days there. Yes, they may be dull or boring (my thread on Christina Bleakley was hardly thinking material) but in the past, if something got thrown out of its original forum it could be discussed by those who wanted to in "The Hole". I think it served a purpose and allowed discussion of topics that were unwanted elsewhere.

    As things stand, it seems to me that topics that have been consigned to "The Hole" just get dragged up again in the main forums.

    Why not put it back to use for its original function?

    (No doubt this will end up in the hole.....)
  2. True enough as you say even if a thread is consigned to the hole, the same subject can be posted up again ad finitum
  3. Put it back the way it was - what's the point of locking a thread in the hole and as such keeping its rantings over just deleting it?
  4. Agreed. There are some cracking threads in there that were cut off in their prime.
  5. MODS!!!! To the hole with it! And can we carry on the discussion when it gets there please :D

    Edit: Just seen the company I'm in - can I change my vote please :(
  6. I always thought the hole contained some of them more entertaining threads – put it back the way it was!!
  7. Locking the threads in the Hole is a bit pointless. Anybody who feels strongly that they have to respond has no option but to reincarnate the thread, only for the new thread to end up in the Hole.

    May as well just delete the thread entirely and do away with the Hole.

    Best, IMHO, would be a return to the status quo, accepting that the Hole is a sub-forum in it's own right containing threads that mods feel uncomfortable with but don't quite cross the line or threads which the governing mod considers to devalue his territory.
  8. I've felt since it was done that locking the Hole was a mistake - drivel invariably infects the rest of the site when people can't carry on a dispute/rant/etc on a particular thread. Issues raised on the more contenious Holed threads are rarely dropped after the Holing of the original thread. There's always the option of deleting threads that look like they're getting horrifically out of hand, with pm warnings to the offenders.

    Am happy to stand corrected if the Mods' experience is that Holing threads has led to a decrease in troll activity :)
  9. And it will give my stalkers some where to let off steam as well; so they do not need to PM me. :)
  10. OPEN YER HOLE!!!
  11. Open yer arrse hole.
  12. Any more thoughts on this?
  13. Yep. I vote kicking it's back doors (back) in.