Rehab of offenders, but wheres the rehab bit

Three years ago I was a bit of a cnut, and got done for assault.

I wanted to rejoin TA and seems to of got abit complex, see the tread below:
my rant about rehab of offenders

I've now started havin a rant about rehab of offenders act, ok, fine i will wait another 2 years and be on my best behaviour.

I think the courts are an arrse, you do the crime, get the fine and thats it.

The current rehab process if to strip you of your job, reduce your earning, see if you can resist not doin anything else for another 5 years, put simply it don't always work.

Why could they not of said to my go on this anger management course or get 6 months inside?
rehab of offenders is to insure that you do not get involved in criminal activity agian, not to give you a job worth 30,000 p.a.You do the course and stay out of trouble for your own good not for rewards ,you just have to get on with the hand you are delt and make the most of it


Anger management is nothing more than a load of PC balls.
Punishment is what criminals deserve, not a kiss n’ cuddle from some long haired hippy.

Be thankful you didn’t get 6 months inside on top of your fine.

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