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Rehab centres closing

Not seen a topic on this yet but if it has been done, my apologies.

I would have thought that rehab centres were more in demand now than they ever have been.


I suppose this week was a good one to "bury bad news"

This is a crazy idea, 16 Air Assault have just returned with very heavy casualties that will require long term support, so what do the government do? draw up plans to close the local rehabilitaion centre.

Who has the work ticket? :roll:
wompingwillow said:
One I've heard on the grape vine is that a new one is being planned at the Costwold Center in Corsham........don't know it it's true or not?
Would that be the "Families" welfare centre at Corsham? If so, presumably the families will no longer be able to use it - another loss of a valuable welfare facility.
I think there was a thread about this a little while ago (can't find it though) IIRC it said that Colly wasn't closing...

Will go have another look for the thread.
There was a thread on this before. Isn't the Colly facility being enlarged and re-equipped, so rehab can take place not far from the heart of the Garrison?
Ah wasn't just me imagining that thread then (nope still can't find it)

But yes - that's essentially what was said in it.

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