Rehab centre Royals opens

BBC News - Royal Marines Lympstone rehabilitation centre Parker Hall opens

At first i thought this was all rather daft:
One turns up for recruit training, doesn't make the grade (injury/piss poor preperation?) and then you get to go to Hunter Coy. to get up to the required standard. And all this for a measly 3.000.000 quid.
But, having had one of those rare moments of thought, I reckon this is a good idea.
Spoke to a Cloggy Royal a short while back and their standards (for pass-off) have had to drop because the modern recruit just isn't fit enough. For example: 10 km speed march, from 48 mins to 52 mins. In the end they get kicked up to standard in their parent unit.
My question: have more standards been lowered in hte basic pass-off requirements for the British forces the past 20 years, or so?

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