Regulars to backfill TA units

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abacus, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. OK TA ARRSErs. How do we get the campaign rolling? We've had 3 solid years now of TA providing infil for Reg Bns and Regts. How would it be if the reg army started providing infil for TA Bns and Regts?

    And then let us go and prove one way or another that it either works or it doesn't. Time for pontification over - time for action here!
  2. Its already been done :) we had a section of regulars when we did ukraine years ago though they were told we were going to kenya :lol: .They didnt think we were too crap well apart from our head shed .
  3. Auld-Yin

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    Did that mean that 8 TA bods could claim their bounty because ARABs had done their camp for them? :lol: :wink:
  4. What? Do you really want to kill off the TA?

    I've been in a Sqn/Coy that had regular Cpl PSI's, their discipline was absolutley awfull. They didn't have the experience or maturity to work with TA. Although that doesn't apply to the majority of regulars, lower rank PSI jobs attacts those wanting to leave the regular army.

    I've been on exercises where we have been backfilled by regular reservists and that worked very well (they were interested in being in green again and very keen), I'm sure some units benefitted from these guys joining the TA afterwards.
  5. Wouldn't know about that though I wouldn't put it pass some dodgy people to try that . On the most regs were either impressed
    ,shocked at the amount of bull shit we had ,Or thought we were mad to give up holiday time to do it .
  6. Better experience than mine then. The only regular reservists I ever exercised with were pretty poor. Not good workers, always dissappearing, took discipline to the limit. They knew just what they could get away with and knew we had no real come-back. Remember these guys are not in the Army for a reason - most chose to leave early. Not for nothing is the TA now the "Reserve of Choice" for MoD, too many bad experiences with reservists.

    - And apologies to all the keen hard working reservists who will now jump on me. All I'm saying is what I saw.
  7. ^Yes I did see that aswell but some were also very keen, I admit I wasn't sure at first how to handle an exRSM in a LCpls job.

    But they were better than the OR's/JNCO's on their way out
  8. Been brooding about this overnight (as I am wont to do) and was considering the %age of TA mobilised so far and, therefore, the assumption of who can still be mobilised before we need to mobilise those who have already been.

    I do not know the exact stats, nor would I publish them on ARRSE if I did (and hope no-one else will either), but if you will allow me to generalise it is the case that the vast majority of FFR junior ranks have been mobilised whilst only a slack handful of SNCOs (less those who have been promoted since returning) have been. And don't get me started on Officers, hardly any mobilisations = hardly any willing to stick it out with the resultant knock-on effects debated so strongly in these forums.

    Conclusion then must be that there are at least 10,000 TA Personnel who have NOT yet been mobilised as a result of policy decision based on their seniority of rank. The only option that I can see for the Govt to get their (our, the taxpayer's) money's worth out of these TA soldiers is to mobilise them in-role, to do the job they are trained to do. The only way I can see of making that realistic is giving them infil from the Regular Army.

    Without STAB / ARAB bashing (please don't; it is annoying) can anyone tell me why we shouldn't? Note - "Because they will never let it happen!" is not the answer I'm looking for...
  9. abacus wrote:

    Surely under the new Contingent/Enabling Components concept the role of (all but a few) Officers and SNCO's is to administer and train the JNCO's and Soldiers for Ops rather than actually deploying themselves.

    This might actually suit many more senior people! NB before someone starts throwing e-bricks at me I'm not suggesting Officers and Seniors shouldn't deploy on Ops; that there is no role for them; or that many have not served with great distinction. It's just that the skill-sets required seem to be very highly specialised or that trawls for posts demand Regulars not TA.
  10. I think the example of the RM Reserve Officer (full Colonel) being awarded the GM following his tour in the DRC should be better exploited.

    On another front - I assume there are talented and bright officers who could command PRTs in Afghanistan etc., where there experience in the real world would be of benefit. The teams would be/could be bespoke rather than from formed units allowing TA officers to command regular soldiers.

    Alternatives are operational commands in areas such as Bosnia (EUFOR) for six months.

    Just a thought or two.
  11. I'm not making sweeping generalisations with this post, it is based on what I see in my own unit:

    Most of our SNCOs are the old school TA who view it as a drinking club, rather than what the TA is evolving into. Many would simply not be suitable for deploying. Private Soldiers and JNCOs, on the other hand, tend to have joined knowing that deployment was a possiblility and ensure that they're standards are up to acceptable levels.

    Give it a few years when the now JNCOs are the SNCOs and the situation should be different.
  12. We've debated recruit training and officer training considerably on this site. My impression 20 years ago was that officer training was far more professional than the ORs and has continued to be improved/reviewed. Also problems with recruit training have been addressed (well to me it appears that the same subjects are but taught but its now taking longer).

    But training JNCO's->SNCO's has been realistically looked at or improved, its ok in some corps (who took the TA seriously). In others its absolutley appalling, for example a Sgts RSigs courses doesn't deliver a 5th of what an Inf Sigs Cpls course does.

    In the regulars courses get harder as they move up in rank and they are subject education that develops them, in the TA courses get easier.

    That sentence is not 100% true, the last career course I did was more difficult than those that preceeded it, interestingly this course is based on one aimed at officers. (I am aware that this post could only be talking about my corps)
  13. barbs wrote:

    This is precisely what I was on about when saying many roles are specialised. The unfortunate thing is that RFA 96 does not allow a reservist to be mobilised for their civilian skills, only for the LSN they fill in their Unit.

    The Joint CIMIC Group looks like a good solution as members join on the basis of their civvy expertise and can then be mobilised to use that expertise and the job's a good 'un!

    barbs also wrote:

    And perhaps also the young, female (and very easy on the eye) RE Officer awarded the MBE for CIMIC tasks on Op TELIC...
  14. Complete tosh, I know loads that have been mobilised for their civilian skills and roughly the same number were mobilised in TA trade.
  15. Well here's hoping the Army Reserves Committee endorses the CLM(V) plan for TA NCOs and WOs. I happen to know there are a few people perusing this forum who will have seen the DRAFT paper and it is mostly to them that I address my next comment:

    In my opinion we are about to see something especially worthwhile being introduced, almost certainly imperfect in some parts but not seriously flawed and therefore I see it as workable and a very welcome addition to the Continuous Professional Development packages our people are going to need if we are to live up to the expectations that being "The Reserve of First Choice" produces.

    Notwithstanding that the document is not freely available I would like to quote - for the benefit of everyone else - one particular para which captured my attention:

    Over and above CPD, one might hope that in the fullness of (a hopefully very short) time, the Regional Bde Comds could be trusted to assess a TA NCO, WO or Offr as to whether they have the right level of experience and knowledge to "map" directly into their Regular Army counterpart's shoes.