Regulars serving as AIs ?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by black_hand, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Im a serving soldier who is interested in becoming an AI in the ACF, is this normally done ?

    I've filled out a form on the website asking for an information pack.

    Im a Skill at arms instructor, with SA(B)90, SA(E)90 and SA(H)90, i know most wont be of use.
    If im accepted will they transfer across, or will i need to do more courese?

    Any help greatly accepted.
  2. You have time for extra mural activities? Good on you. What unit are you with - I'd like to transfer.
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    now that would be telling.

    Just looking to do something worth while.
  4. Mate all your quals would be ticked off as current by the regular TSA or Cadet training team no dramas.
    As far as I know there is no issue surrounding you doing it either best to get in touch with the CEO at your local county HQ and he will be able to square you away with all the info required.
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  8. Remember that you could also help in a CCF as well as, or instead of, an ACF unit. CCFs generally parade in an afternoon rather than in the evening so this may be a problem, but they have overnight and weekend exercises and, just like ACFs, are always looking for extra staff.
  9. I'd reccomend getting yourself a disclosure certificate (CRB) sorted out as soon as possible. Assuming that all goes well for you, you will be working with minors, and it's a good idea to have that as an umbrella these days.
  10. You have to by law have CRB clearance before being allowed to be on your own with the little darlings. The County headquarters you apply to will (or should) sort out all the admin thats required including CRB, quals, etc etc. Might be worth while just running it by your OC/CO as a courtesy thing so they dont throw a hissy fit when they see you surrounded by little people in CS95.
    As an ex reg, now an AI I would recomment the ACF over the CCF any day (but then maybe im biased just a little)
  11. I help on an informal basis with my old CCF, and as such I don't have any experience of the forms you have to fill in. I can tell you that if you put the effort in it can be a very rewarding activity; you will probably never find anyone who takes it more seriously than cadets.

    Depending on your job and how busy you are, your unit may be sympathetic with you in the same way they would be with those who play sport. If you are senior and important, the cadets may be very glad to have you; I'm told last summer at Wathgill 1 YORKS' RSO pitched up with a load of radios, 354s and PRRs, for the cadets to have a go with; there was even a weapons stand with GPMGs, LMGs, Javelin, 81mm mortar etc.

    Don't let the kiddy-fiddling jokes put you off; go for it.
  12. Mate, if you have an SA(B)90 they will tear your bloody arm off! Go for it.

    God knows they need help, looking at the fcuking state of most of them.
  13. I don't think you can sign on as a CFAV as the proper army already employs you 365 days a year. You'll need your CO to sanction your Werthers distribution activities to the CEO or equivalent of the corps of munchkins who will have to submit a CRB application for you as well. I don't see why you couldn't hold local rank or attend cadet courses to enhance your kiddy fiddling Walt experience if needs be.
  14. You can not join cadets while serving, only help out with OCs permission
  15. You can always help out on annual camp as well Black Hand. All you need is permission from your Boss and a nod from the cadet Boss, you fill out a form ( i think) and Bob's your mothers brother. Myself and Static Line Pimp are ex-regular and are now ACF Officers, but we like input and assistance from serving members, as do the cadets.