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Hello everyone,

I have a question I need to get back to my CSM on soon and I would appreciate your thoughts. I initially submitted a reserve application but
since speaking to both reserves and regulars, I notice I am very serious about this and that regular entry might be more appropriate.

The advice I've been given from ARC, CSM and some individual advisors falls into the following categories:

1. continue reserve application and transfer to full time 'if you like it' once on the job.
2. change application to regular asap (I have yet to attend AOSB; currently doing visits; probably important to find a Reg unit to support me)

As I am 28 I don't have time to waste and my main concern is:

joining a reserve unit who stand by you, only to then flake out on them to go regular before 30. Personally, I find this unacceptable and I don't want to be taking advantage of them.

However, this is the route that most seem to recommend? I'm told I could still enter FT Sandhurst until 30, but that does not take away the
fact that I would be flaking out on a unit that supported me. Or am I missing something here? A reserve who's commissioned and wants to go Regular would still need to go back to do the FT Sandhurst course, right?

Any thoughts or advice welcome! Thank you!
Without implying that we need more Reservist Officers or that the standard is different, which it isn't...

- Remain applying for Reserve Officer
- Gain AOSB Main Board Pass
- Decide on Regular Vs Reserve as your Pass is valid for both

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Fundamentally what do you want to do? Whatever feelings a reserve unit might have about seeking their advice and support and then deciding to go regulars it is your life and they will not be heartbroken.

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