Regular Vs TA Benefits.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fatstab, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. I am sure that this may have been covered before, but does anybody have the lowdown on TA receiving pensions, paid holidays, learning credits etc.

    Many thanks,

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  3. People generally only get expenses for doing voluntary work as a hobby
  4. Casual labour don't get holidays or pensions
  5. Wah Shield on. You don't get any benefits. Its classed as part time work. If you want all those benefits, you can do one of three things, join the regular Army, get mobilised, do an FTRS. Wah shield off.
  6. Edited to add: normal TA - you get pay, expenses and the bounty. Pretty much nack all else. Probably, as it should be (for the level of commitment we're currently required to give.)

    If you end up on ADC, you become part-time, rather than casual labour. At which point you get some of the benefits - pension (RFPS not AFPS, and holidays - no idea about learning credits.)

    If you mobilise, you get nearly all of the benefits (the only one I'm aware of is not getting entitled to MQs, but I'm sure there are others.)
  7. **** me green slime that racks as good as my step dads( substitute Iraq for the corporate medal!!! and the VRSM that apparently he wouldn't shame himself for). Is it for real??????
  8. Since the introduction of JPA, you can have the lot. That's what I was told by my Regular Chief Clerk, just before he retired.
  9. @CivPlod - yep.

  10. It's not, thats why there is no pension or holidays.

    casual labour
  11. ask that **** called bravo bravo.
  12. To be quite honest, what do you expect for a tuesday night and some weekends work? How can that be justifable to a regular who works mon-fri. Im not trying to slate TA or anything but its got to be all relative to the work you do.
  13. Attendance doesn't = a productive week at work
  14. Maybe but we're still at our place of work, away from home! and at the end of the day the lads can only do what work they're told to do. Now i dont want to turn this into a stab vs arab slagging match but i for one fully acept thats the life i choose, i acept that i'll be away from home and family etc. There seems to be too many TA wanting all the benifits of regular life without been a regular. Why not just join the regulars? However I also except that there are many TA soldiers that have done more than some regular soldiers tour wise, and they are full entitled to the benifits when moblised.
  15. The combat efficiency Bounty is a tax-free lump sum awarded at the end of the year for being *apparently* combat efficient and having turned up often enough. (I say apparently because it's not uncommon for the people so fat they need 2 pairs of trousers sewn together, to get a 'combat efficiency' bounty).

    This is done instead of a pension. So if you like the idea of a pension, it's your responsibility to pay this money into a pension scheme or just store it in your ISA. On the other hand, you could do what most people do and spend it on toys / beer / holiday / beer before your significant other finds out it ever got paid.