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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bombdr2494, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Ok im due to leave the army in april, after 11 years service, but would still like some involvement with the army. Just wondering how it works? do i walk straight into a TA unit where i live and do i keep my rank? Also if i wanted to can i go on tours just like the regular army? Any help most appreciate guys...cheers :thumright:
  2. I left in June and after a bit of a layoff I decided I wanted to join the TA. I went first to my local RE unit (I served 9 years in a different corps and was a full screw) and they said that they would be happy to take be on as long as I started all over again, fcuk that I says! I waited a bit after that and now my regular corps has opened a det in Manchester so all that I have to do is a medical and physical and I am in, apparently on the same increment levels and LSSA days as I was in the regs. From what im told, there is a "board" in the TA centre where things like tours etc are posted and they are simply volunteered for. Some employers dont take to kindly to you be in the TA though, my boss thinks its great that I am in it and said I can have whatever time off I need!
  3. Cheers, well i was in the duke of boots (yorkshire reg) and RLC, but fancy RE, as im doing a network cabling course. Hopefully as i will have just left medical and physical shouldnt be needed.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Each unit tends to have slightly different ideas on this, so go for a chat with the unit to get the gen.

    4 Para takes ex inf on at existing rank provided that the LSN is available to fill, and would require P Coy/wings for those who do not have it. No requirement to retrain, but will be assessed for WHT, fitness etc.

    Non Inf are usually required to do the relevant inf course, and may drop a rank depending on skills, experience etc.

    Tours are always available in the Inf, either in force protection type formed units or as IRs.

    Nothing is cast in stone - get in there and put your case forward.

  5. My advice FWIW would be to give it 6 months before approaching the TA. Get your home life sorted, job sorted etc first and then when you are ready have a look around. Jumping straight across can work, but it is a culture shock, especially if you have not been with the TA before.

    If you go to the same corps / arm, you should keep your rank etc and qualify for top bounty level immediately too.

    Once you are in, no reason why you should not do a tour like everyone else.
  6. Aw. bomb, come to 4 Yorks, you know you want to......

    I could probably tell you a bit more info on your closest infantry unit..... cough! :thumright:
  7. Apparently it's up to the discression of the co of the unit you are joining if you get to keep your rank. Normally, as long as you are traded to class 3 within a year of joining your new ta unit, there shouldn't be a problem.

    Also, they can't turn round and say you have to do a recruits course again if you have left the army so soon before joining them. I think the cut off period is something like 2 years before they can ask you to do that. Not sure of the time period.

    As to rank, it seems more sensible to me to let you keep your rank as with all of your regular expericence and training/quals you would be more of an asset at the rank you are.
  8. I went from Cpl to Lance Bombedier but kept the pay of my Regular Army Rank
  9. I went form reg to TA within the same capbadge but I was too long out and have to start again, However we have a lad who has just joined us 4 months from leaving the regs and has walked in wearing his old rank, but thats life.

    The paradox is however, people who join too soon from the regs don't seem to stay more than a year, it seems to be a easing back into civvie street move by some. Also it can be quite frustrating making the change, the TA and the Regular Army are to different beasts, the guys have different ideas and drives to the reg days. Being asked to do things is a novelty rather than being told where to be when and you will be amazed at the whinging many do, but they're not whinging because they are stab wnakers, but because they had there normal life fecked about like arranging time off work only to find a course has been cancelled. To a Reg thats a pain, to a Reservist its a loss of cash, trade and chance to do it another time as it was a pain to clear it from work.

    I took 6 years out of it before going back, unfortunatly that was a little too long careerwise but long enough to understand what a strange creature the civvy is, saying that though it is a little liberating to pick and choose your exercises, however don't take the pish, its very easy at the start to be able to swan off and do things you don't feel like, they will soon be on your back if you get the rap of being a bounty hunter.

    Good luck whatever you choose to do
  10. well im moving back to looking like 4 yorks

  11. People really do think we're just cub scouts, don't they? :scratch:
  12. msr

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    You started so well, then seemed to have relapsed:

    Then made a great recovery

    When you say 'we' rather then 'they' we will know that you are one of us ;)

  13. I joined the TA after being out of the RAF for 6 months, didn't have to do basic training or any recruit weekends, sometimes thinks it may have been better if I had....the rAF don't teach the principles of marksmenship etc
  14. I think its a reasonable question to ask hence most of the TA i assume have other jobs also. Bearing in mind i have never served with any TA
  15. Welcome to the family in that case! :plotting:

    Speaking of tours, rumour has it, this time next year, there should be a trawl for Afghan.....