Regular To TA £5K Golden Handshake

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Happy_Sapper, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Just in process of transferring from Reg's to TA via the new simplified process laid out in DIN 2012DIN01-018 (discharge date 19 Aug 12) heard via RAO's Dept this morning that the first 388 Reg's to make the leap will be getting a £5k golden hello?? Seen it in black & white but no fine detail.

    The money has already been earmarked for budget 2012/13 but is waiting for the rubber stamp from FPS & whoever else in the CoC.

    Can anyone provide clarification on the finer details and whether it is worth stalling my application until it gets the rubber stamp or could it be back dated?

    No offence meant in advance, but like I have said seen it in black & white so after facts not opinions on the matter.
  2. Check with your RAO, mate.
  3. How long do you have to turn up for after you take the cash?
  4. 3 year non deployable return of service. Was my RAO that gave me the info, was hoping the FPS rep on the forums would pick this up and be able to clarify as they are involved in the process for rubber stamping.
  5. 5K bonus for less than 2 months work, better than a kick *********** I suppose.
  6. Astroturf?

    Cop a crap redundancy on the promise of 5k over 3 years?

    Getting cynical as I get older?
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  7. well it makes financial sense as a quick win. 10k squaddies x 5k =£50m is a whiff off the additional 180m per year they plan to spend on TA. They can crow about the success of a fully manned TA and vast depth of experience injected and go quiet when in 3+ years time people drift off. And for the ex squaddie if you're in the Reserves anyway its not like you are at a significantly greater risk of mobilisation if the balloon went up and suddenly everyone had to scramble. Seems strangely sensible (I'm clearly missing the catch).
  8. Don't forget the 3 years full bounty payments which will be around the £4000 mark. Ker-ching!!!

    Join the TA's - you know it makes sense.
  9. It's a win win in my book. Collect my pension (well EDP) TA earnings all tax free as I am going to be a full time student. Just can't get a definitive answer on when this £5k bonus goes live??
  10. Snigger. Wait until he finds out how much the annual subscription is... And how much you have to pay to go on Annual Camp.
  11. Not forgetting the price of having the cloud of shame over his head for being in the TAs.
  12. I am in it for the money, pure & simple! There are just as many incompetent clowns in the Reg's anyway :)