Regular To Reserve Bonus Issues with New Unit

Hi all,

I have recently joined the Reserves after 10 years of service in the Regs. I was under the impression that I was entitled to the £10,000 joining bonus that has been frequently publicised in order to trap lads back into service. My unit admin has forgotten to process this for the best part of a year now. When I chased it up, I was told that the first payment, the initial joining bonus installment of £2000 is proportional to the amount of time served in the first year. This seems rather confused (if I had attested into my unit around March, I could have potentially seen myself off by (11/12*(£2000) = £1,833. Surely this is absolutely mental? I suspect that as the unit hasn't processed many of these applications their understanding of the conditions might be a bit off. I've searched for instruction and conditions on this on the web but without success.

If any of you have any advice I'd massively appreciate it. I suspect that others in the unit might have been seen off previously as well.

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