Regular Soldiers to Patrol Streets

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PK, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Here's an article from todays telegraph . . .

    I particularly like this bit

    Can you imagine regular soldiers who've recieved full riot training and are generally trained to be aggresive interveneing with a civil disturbance - I see more soldiers than civvies gettin arrested here :roll:
  2. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Ah yes, sorry I did look at that thread earlier.

    I think this article is more looking at the use of regular soldiers in addition to monkeys and the like.
  3. Yes it is barking mad!

    The idea of joint military/civpol policing in garrison towns has run successfully for a while. The RAF equivalents ran a similar scheme in Buckinghamshire in an area where recruit training takes place. I guess the theory is that a serviceman or women might be more likely to relapse into common sense if they see a military uniform through the drunken haze. Also, from the command chain perspective, potential trouble can be nipped in the bud by, for example, placing bars out of bounds or by depositing a few military policemen in uniform at chucking-out time.

    However, it appears that this good idea will be stretched beyond the limit of common sense by using soldiers to cover for police shortages in tackling the anti-social behaviour of the general public.

    How long will it be before off-duty soldiers become the targets of abuse as the result of their role. How long will it be before a soldier is prosecuted for using "unreasonable" force. Why should soldiers in an overstretched military be forced to cover for Home Office and civilian police inadequacies in between trips to whatever part of the world Bliar has messed up?
  4. So does that mean all the resources that are paid via council tax to the police force.
    Half of the resources will be paid to our troops for them to have additional gear etc
  5. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    :lol: you're living in a fantasty world right???

    Undermanned, overstretched and another job to do :?
  6. This is worrying for Manchester. The last time service personnel went out on the streets in uniform (last year, RN personnel), they received an almighty kicking (freedom parade, followed by civic service, then a group set upon by pissheads). Fortunately, the culprits received jail terms, but the uniform, in my own opinion, will just fuel drunken nutters to take a swipe.

    Manchester Cop, any comments on what you think of soldiers patroling Manchester City Centre?
  7. leta have snipers on rooftops
    always thought there was a role for snipers in drug education/mental health/scum herding
    extremely assertive outreach:)
  8. And this from the party that for many years refused to let the TA undergo any IS trg cos it encouraged the state to oppression.
  9. Personally think it would a very bad idea, the city centre is bad enough - to have soldiers on the street would be a shock to the city culture, to have soldiers with no powers would be to offer up targets for abuse. Who would you try your luck with, the police officer who can arrest you and use reasonable force? or the soldier who cant do a thing?
  10. If you can patrol the streets of Basra it should be a walk in the park to do the same in your average UK town. Look at it this way its practice for future peacekeeping deployments.
  11. Good point but what about our powers of arrest etc.

    I am fully confident that if the Army are given the right training and support then they will do a very good job.

    The issues are however: Drunkards taking a pop and a media who quite often likes to give the Forces a slating.

    In addition, what part of the forces are most suited in doing the job: Some units will require more training than others, and at what cost? And considering more than a few units are almost doing back to back tours, how are we going to find time to do these extra duties?
  12. I can just imagine an outfit like the Paras exerting a "calming influence" on a street full of lairy p*ssheads. :roll:

    Even if you do get called out onto the streets and you are an outstanding success, do not expect any substantial gratitude from this government.
    Tony is too scared of Gordon to fight to retain any of the regiments that are due to be axed or to ensure that you go to war with little luxuries, such as sufficient ammunition or body-armour.
  13. That would be fun, particularly if the lairy p*ssheads are the other half of the para bn who are 'off shift' :D
  14. Deleted.