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Hey all, i've currently served 8 years as a royal signals soldier and my time has come to sign off.
i'm considering joining the TA and have heard the "duty rumour" around the lads is ex regulars now get a 10k bounty if they stay in the TA for 4 years and pass their relevant tests.
Also, as i'm ex signals will my unit be 81 Sig Regt in Corsham or will it be the TA centre closed to my residence (Runcorn)
Any other info / advice would be greatly appreciated.
There are recruiting/retention bonuses on off for ex-regs at the moment...couldn't give you the specifics though. Definitely at least four figure though.

As to which unit you'd be, it's whichever one you join, simple as. You don't even (I don't think) have to stay with R SIGNALS (although your bonus is then contingent on you doing your PH2 training in a certain timeframe.

Best option, as always, is to ring the unit and ask them.
The TA was replaced by the Army Reserves last year hence the slogan One Army - Regular & Reserve.
Have you thought of going through your CoC to see if they can ease you in to a Reserve Unit?
Yes a bounty of cash is paid if you quailify and can sign up for the period.


I think the sequencing of the bonuses for ex-Regulars across the first four years is something like: £2000, £3000, £3000, £2000 (on top of your normal pay and allowances etc).


As far as I know it can be any a Signals unit.

Not sure on the current rules for 81 sig Sqn but it used to be for BT employees or Ex regular Tele Mechs.
Army Reserve doesn't have tech trades or IS Eng, just drivers/ed's and operators. Ex regular Supervisors (and techs) can join Lcisg at Corsham.

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80 Sig Sqn in Runcorn no longer exists. There is 33Sqn, 32 SR in Huyton (the old RHQ of 33 Sig Regt, which parented 80 in Runcorn). I believe there is also a Tp in Manchester (used to be 42 Sig Sqn, 33 SR).

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