Regular sex makes you look younger

Knocking out a cheeky one is pretty much a way of life pour moi nowadays, as Mrs Felize is starting to look like she's been on a slab for a week. I simply cannot bring myself to lob one up her, so the furry glove of smiles it is. I fear for how many kittens the Lord hath slaughtered due to my onanistic lifestyle.
Despite a celibate life I am still barred from attending Saga orgies. There is, however, a portrait in my attic that looks as old and shrivelled as Tut's scrotum.
A lack of standards and a well-fitting and often used pair of beer goggles means I my looks haven't changed in about 6 years.

I noticed a couple of grey hairs in my stubble the other day though, I'm far too handsome to have a mid life crisis.

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