Regular Serving Personnel Joining the ACF

Discussion in 'ACF' started by LongJohnSilver, Jul 6, 2007.

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    I have watched, with close interest, threads dealing with Regular Serving Personnel helping out with the ACF, now I know, in my own personnal experience, that a Regular Soldier can go on the books of an ACF county, wear the uniform of the ACF and get paid by the ACF, however, some counties have stated that this is wrong in that you should not get paid by the same crown agent twice, WTF, I do not think that this is correct, QR's for the Army state that a serving soldier may apply for outside employment as long as it is not connected to the Security Industry and that it does not infrindge on Service Commitments, great, I used to take leave to attend ACF activities, no issue there, do any of you know if this is prohibited in any ACF regulation.


  2. This misconception is born of walts who think that their ACF Pay Number is an army number, and therefore you can't have two army numbers. I have had direct experience of this, and said ACF Officer was a right chopper. Obviously you can't commission, but theres nothing to stop you helping out as an "NCO"
    in the ACF.
  3. i know this is slightly different, but the OTC usually help out around Annual camp time (money grabbing student scum :D ) and i'm pretty sure they have their own numbers anyway.

    But they get put on our county strength and issued a new number and get paid as per instructors via JPA/APC Glasgow or whatever it is this week!
  4. I am aware of at least one Regular Army O/R who held an ACF commission at the same time.
  5. Thanks guy's, is there anything in the regs though, I want to be able to go back to them and say WTF did you get that idea from.


  6. How does that work? How can you hold a Commission which entitles you to a salute, and then serve as an OR at the same time in the regulars?

    It isn't possible! I'd suggest you've been walted.
  7. Best thing would be to speak to your Cadet Force CEO (Cadet Executive Officer)
    He will be clued up and can advise you on your situation.

  8. LJS

    from pamphlet ac14233: The Army Cadet Force Manual

    5.006. Regular Armed Forces and Regular Army Reserve. Serving members of the Regular Armed Forces may not be appointed as AI in the ACF. Members of the Regular Army Reserve may not be appointed as AI in the ACF without the consent in writing of the Army Personnel Centre.

    Thats the answer from the book, if you know people who are still serving and serving in acf then i have no idea how they are doing it!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The answer is in your quote, they either had permission in writing or are not appointed as AI's and are assisting in a voluntary capacity!
  10. how hard is it to get APC approval? if thats not a great challenge, it doesn't sound too difficult.
  11. not quite, my quote states that if you are a member of the Regular Army Reserve you can with consent, but not for those still serving as Regular Armed Forces, thats what he was asking about
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You quoted the manual no one else, therefore your quote! Not too difficult!
    Agreed not your manual but you quoted it!
    Sorry I see what you are saying but either with permission as reservists (FTRS) perhaps or assisting not appointed as an AI. A neighbour of mine is an snco in a spec TA unit and often assist with his lads Cadet events. he attends exercises in uniform etc. The ACF heirarchy are aware of this and happy as is his TA unit. there is no clash and I'm sure its voluntary without pay.
    If you are a reg and have that much time or wish to assist then you are still getting paid. our local TA used to volunteer a couple of lads to assist with annual camp but mainly it was the CTT as proffesional trainers that deal with this!
  13. Agreed my quote not my manual :D

    but LJS said he knows of some regular serving person who is getting paid by acf, you said he could if he had written permission, my quote doesnt say that! it says that if he was Regualr Army Reserve hay may get permission :D

    clear as mud yet?
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sorry I meant it to say that they have permission to be AI's as reserves or assist as helpers unofficially or at least unpaid with the County consent!
  15. yup agree with that!

    another mess cleared up!