Regular Service to NRPS - Pay Delay, WHY?

Evening, I am about to have a bit of a rant so will apologise in advance for perhaps seeming to climb on my soap box!

Why is it so time consuming and difficult to transfer straight from regular service to NRPS?

I left the Regs 24 Jun 06 and was "fortunate" enough to get a job as NRPS - started Apr 06 thanks to a kind CO and a few weeks of double hatting until my replacement arrived.

Worked my Terminal Leave, LDOS 24 Jun 06, obligatory day off 25 Jun 06 (just my luck to be a Sunday!) attested into the TA as NRPS 26 Jun 06. All my Discharge Paperwork was completed and this was sent, along with copies of other paperwork (as I took my original docs with me to my new unit) to the relevant desk at MCM Div prior to my terminal leave - all paperwork sent was annotated as transferring immediately to NRPS.

All my Attestation Paperwork for NRPS was sent to MCM Div the week I attested.

So this begs the question:

Why? when I was offered, and accepted, a job as NRPS did I have to completely de-kit in order to be SOS to then have to wait to be issued a new clothing issue when I am eventually TOS? Strikes me as a waste of money and also embarassing as "officially" I have no uniform at this present moment - can't get new issue until TOS.

Why? does it take so long for authority to be TOS to come through? Without this authority I am not able to be paid (last paid 24 Jun and due to dates will miss next pay run as not TOS).

If I am not TOS and have an accident in work am I covered?

NRPS desk are blaming Reg Discharge Desk for not finalising Discharge Action on my Records! I have been told that Records can sit on desks for months a/w final discharge action - even though mine stated "Going NRPS"

Metioned legal action and it was suggested that I may be better off going the PR Route - another letter to Soldier then.

Been told I can have an advance of pay - that will just delay the issue as I will then have to repay the advance.

Any light shed will be most gratefully received a I am fed up with the "can take three months and it's been that way for years!" scenario
I think you are being hard done by.

If you have finished your service, and your Regular paperwork was all completed on time, including testimonial, there is no reason, why a new, TA(NRPS) record can not be created by ROS Wing, and activated. This will allow the TA Pay Section to input your Pay Record and Pay You.

I received pay for my first months NRPS service, and I have always endevoured to do the same for those who have followed me into NRPS.

The key is good liaison with both TA ROS Section and TA Pay Sect by your Chief Clerk and FSA. I as the Unit RAO with my unit am more than happy to bang heads together at Head of Section or Even Head of MCM Division level if they allow individuals to be messed about this way.

I believe that you need to make more noise, in writing to the CO with a formal complaint about your treatment if you unit is getting nowhere with this.

Good Luck
I am assured that all my paperwork was completed at the correct time - my "Red Book" actually landed on the mat on my last day of service (am still convinced that this was some strange outer force taking place!)

My CoC are just mesmerised with the fact that I can get an advance of pay - yes I can but this is a matter of principle, why is this anomaly allowed to continue?

From what I am being told the problem lies not with TA ROS & TA Pay, who my civvy pay & docs staff are talking to, but with Reg Discharge.

My next port of call for airing my discontent is with Bde DCOS! Or staying home until I am paid - drastic measures but how can they discipline me if I am not TOS??? answers on a postcard . . . :(
If I were in this position i would;

a) Take 3-6 months leave (ie not turn up until MOD got their ARRSES in gear)

b) Refuse to clear any backlog generated by a)
Another pay day has been and gone - still no money in my account!

Start my paper round tomorrow . . .
Have finally been paid :) only took 2 & 1/2 months and now I find that I have been incorrectly paid!
Have been paid a a higher rank as my Admin people are saying that they HAD to TOS me in the rank that I left the Regs!
Can anyone tell me if this is correct? I can't believe that this can be the case, now I have to wait for them to get their act sorted and "demote" me to get my pay adjusted.

And their attitude - "Yes but it's ok because you have been paid"
I have been waiting 5 months for my bounty - I am lead to believe that the other members of my former Sqn who volunteered for TELIC 6 are in the same boat...

And they wonder why there are retention issues.

theflyinghandbag said:
Have finally been paid :) only took 2 & 1/2 months and now I find that I have been incorrectly paid!
The whole set-up at APC is a disgrace. Underpaid civil servants who do not give a flying F*ck for the troops. In my case not one single transaction involving APC has worked correctly in the entire time the organisation has existed. Lost a job because they did not forward application in time - they sat on it for two months. Been underpaid, then over paid for 6 months, never knew what would appear in the bank. Lost a years seniority, lost my pension record, took 7 months to reply to a pension query.......the list goes on. In a civilian company the staff would have been sacked and the management changed or the company would have gone bankrupt.

Civil servants ? I'd sack the lot. If they were any good they would be working in Industry for twice the money.

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