Regular Service and FTRS Pension


I'm trying to clarify a few things regarding AFPS75 and AFPS15, mainly the combination of both schemes.

My situation:

- 17 years regular service.
- Transferred from regular service to reserve service (Seamless Transfer so no gap in service) for 3 years.
- Currently about to start a FTRS (FC) position on same rank (OR7) as when I left regular service.

AFPS 15 rules state that as long as there has not been a break of more than 5 years from service then AFPS75/AFPS15 can be combined (aggregated). My query is whether or not that applies when the AFPS15 service is reserve/FTRS.

I can't get the online calculator to give me a projection based on 17 (regular)/3 (reserve)/X (FTRS), it just crashes. I can however get a projection on 17 (regular)/3 (reserve)/X (regular) but clearly that's not correct.

Essentially - when I retire will I get one combined pension or will I get two separate pensions?

I have sent a query to Pensions Department (Reserve) in Glasgow so we'll see what comes back but pending their reply I'm keen to hear from anyone in a similar position that has been down this route.

Thanks in advance, this is a great source of information (and banter)!

Forces Pension Society

You were transferred to AFPS 15 on 1 April 2015 and, as you are joining the FTRS within 5 yrs of leaving other service that counts under AFPS 15, instead of getting a deferred AFPS 15 pension, you continue to build on what you have earned so far under that scheme.

So, when you leave, your AFPS 15 pension will be calculated as a single pension.
That's very positive thank you for such a quick response.

So basically, just to confirm, it's essentially the same as if I rejoined into regular service?

Much appreciated.

Forces Pension Society

Yep. The beauty of AFpS 15 is that it lends itself to all forms of military service because it is worked out on the basis of 1/47 of pensionable pay for each year, with earlier years increasing by the earnings index. So, individuals can swap from one to the other without detriment to the pension they have already built up in the scheme.
Well that just made my future a little brighter - thanks very much!

AFPS15 seems to be pretty good for personnel that switch over to FTRS...happy days.

Thanks for the info.