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Regular rejoin rejected


Looking for some advice on rejoining, I was in the Artillery for 5 years and basically long story short in my last year I struggled massively.

I had a bit of a family breakdown although I was never massively close with them it was absolute carnage.

Obviously this and work just wasn’t compatible and I ended up in a really bad way with drink ect. The lads noticed it and got me to just explain the situation with the COC as much as I didn’t want to be that guy I was in a really bad way and ended up being put on long term sick leave with Depression. I signed off and had a rough last year and soon found my feet in Civvy life.

Anyway 2 years on I’m missing the lads and the Army as a whole so I applied online but got this back...

Thank you for your application to re-join the Army. The information gathered from your Prior Service Check and previous discharge documentation has been carefully reviewed according to Ministry of Defence recruitment policy.

Due to your last recorded medical status recorded on JPA being medically non-deployable (TMND 28/02/2019), we are sorry to tell you that you do not meet the Army’s medical standards for entry. You discharged from the Army at your own request, but you were medically downgraded. For this reason, you must appeal if you think that your circumstances have changed.

Further applications will be unsuccessful until this medical issue is resolved.

This was a few months ago but does anyone know the likelihood or if it’s even worth appealing, I appreciate being mentally fit is essential but the family circumstances was a massive factor to the medical issue.

I don’t want to waste mine or my doctors time writing letters that’ll fall on deaf ears, Does anyone know the process ? Or likely hood of rejoining?

And also the code used ?

All advice will be greatly appreciated
The long and the short of it is: Every appeal is reviewed on an individual basis and if your medical state has changed then it is very much worth appealing. An assessment from a medical professional will go along way in winning your appeal. Good luck

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