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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by the_beer_man, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. I've just been on the Army website looking at pay levels (considering going from TA to full time). I noticed that Pte pay ranges from £14,283.36 to £23,471.

    Can anyone explain why there is such a huge difference in pay. Is it to do with time served or trade qualifications. Forgive me if I'm being dumb.
  2. Yeah, quite easy really. It goes from the starting pay and is then incremented each year, therefore if a private soldier has not been promoted after 6 years service he could actually be earning as much as a LCpl with only 3 years service
  3. What's TA pay now? I'm hoping to rejoin (not for the money obviously)
    When I first joined it was £13.64 a day.
  4. TA New Entrant pay is £30.96 a day. If on an Operational Tour this will rise in line with Regular Pay.
  5. It's about£34.73 a day for a private (Level 1) and you can add what ever percentage the this kind governemt will ad in April. Remember (minimum) 27 days a year, you get a quarter of a days for pay fro drill nights and full pay for weekends etc and of course the TA Bounty !!
  6. Yes, the Quarter day's pay for drill nights (£7.60ish) won't cover the petrol to the TAC but hey ho :biggrin:
    Honestly, I'm surprised that's all it's gone up by in twenty years.
  7. If it's been twenty years I wouldn't build your hopes of re-joining matey!!
  8. That's what I thought until recently but:

    See this thread too:

    I joined at 17 and am now 37 so if I can pass the fitness I don't see why I shouldn't stand a fair chance.
  9. Ex Stab. I agree that at age 37 you should stand a fair chance. The upper age limit for the regular army has recently been raised to 33 and the TA will follow suit. Within the TA and regular there is such a form as (AF B203) (Application for Special Enlistment) If you meet all the criteria apart from age then the PSAO/CO can apply to a higher level to enlist you.

    Good luck!! If you need any more info you can PM me.
  10. Hi Gunner REMF. If you take a closer look at my quoted bit above you'll see entrance age for TA is going up to 43 from the new financial year.
    I'm getting the fitness together before I make any serious enquiries.
    Thanks for your support.

    Ex STAB
  11. thanks. would TA service (4 years, no promotion) count towards what pay band you are in when you pass out of basic training or would have to climb the pay ladder.?

  12. Do you mean going Regular from TA?

    I'd imagine you'd have to start again.
  13. thought as much. thanks guys