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The simple litmus test is this...

...would you trust those trained in CPR by a CFAV with FAAW to conduct CPR upon you or your loved ones?
Yes. That is the whole point of the first aid syllabus. If the CFAV did or cadet was not able to do CPR they would not pass their assessments!

I would prefer a paramedic though...

Just to throw another spanner into the works, cadets may also train and assess in first aid if appropriately qualified.
What is it with ARRSE that an awful lot of threads turn into a three letter abreviation (TLA) quoting competition and an I know more than you do, no you dont here are some more TLA's bitch fest?
FAW and teaching first aid

if someone is all ready accredited as a trainer / instructor and has done an FAW then there's little extra to do in terms of preparation to teach ( other familiarisation with the package in use ) - this is certainly the basis that a lot of other youth organisations use when the adult instructor will be teaching none FAW first aid courses

it's also the requirement SJA has for school teachers ( have a valid FAW or the 16 / 24 hour 'community' FA courses) to be able to teach the courses SJA market to schools - which iirc are pretty much the same courses as the ones used by youth orgs.

teaching FAW and /or the 'adult ' Community FA courses is a little more onerous because of duty of care and liability stuff ( even though the chances of a successful action against someone who actually does what they have been taught are tiny)

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