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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Medicalfool, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. What are the rules regarding a regular officer helping out? Is the ultimate decision down to the CO or can said officer do what he likes in his own time?
  2. That rather depends on what on earth you are talking about. Do you mean helping out on the cake stall at the Village Fete?
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  3. Steady Ethel back to the naughty step.
    Can I suggest Medical Fool, (interesting name!) what this regular officer is expected, or prepared to do?
  4. To help out with the cadets, he has numerous AT qualifications and wants to give a bit back to help inspire some children. He is a Medical Officer and is prepared to teach first aid and help with some of the camps and training.
  5. Certainly with the TA the process was to first get permission from my CO, and then obviously an interview with the ACF commandant (essentially their CO).

    If anything, asking my CO was productive as he was very supportive of my involvement, and it allowed me to use TA resources (IE kit, weapons and vehicles) during ACF activities which we may not have had access to if just doing it off my own back.
  6. Are you suggesting that I have ever been on the naughty step?
  7. Good for you to help out Medicalfool.

    I would suggest you read LANDSO 3304 (Medical Support to the Cadet Forces) which will answer all of your questions, especially the final paragraph.
  8. Medical Officer or not, you may have to do the First Aid instructor training at Frimley. Adv Trg quals will be sure to be used at smmer camps.
  9. There's a first aid instructor qual now?

    That pleases me. I did my FAAW (Full) through the ACF and was then expected to teach, which I didn't really like doing. There is, in my estimation, a big step between somebody who can administer first aid, and somebody who can teach it.
  10. Been around for ages...

    First Aid Course | Army Cadet Force
  11. FAAW is sufficient to teach, not to train trainers.
  12. FAAW, are you sure? When I did it (as an OTC cadet) in the early 2000's it was not an instructional qual at all - merely a practitioner one.
  13. Basically you need to have the written authority of your OC which will go to County HQ. You'll need to be CRB checked and may have to do some additional training, such as the red book test. Once you've done this lot and the Commandant is happy, you can then start officially assisting the cadets on a regular basis.
  14. First Aid at Work is NOT an instructional/teaching course in any way, shape or form.

    It is for selected personnel in the workplace to perform first aid on injured colleagues and maintain the necessary records. It is also acceptable for First Aid provision on various non-work related activities.

    You want to teach Cadets First Aid?

    Available at CTC Frimley. Points to note, you get a FAAW cert on the course.

    Then move on to...
    Unless you can pull up where it says you can... in black and white or at least publication and paragraph.
  15. Red book (JSP 535) and CRB is not mandatory.

    It is advisable. But if a reg is not left alone with the Cadets neither is needed, the Cadets can go to their AI as neccesary, and teh AI has overall responsibility for 'red carding' the activity if it is deemed unsafe (by them).