Regular Officer + ACF Commission?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by curriej343, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi there,

    I have just started my application for a regular commission and have my interview in two weeks. I am currently an instructor with the ACF and I have been approached to see if I am interested in taking a commission. I'm not here to reignite the debate on whether it's a 'real commission' et cetra, however I am wondering whether it's worth applying for it with regards to my regular officer application? Will it benefit me or my application?
    I have explained to my 2IC my future plans and he still seems content for me to apply, even though I will (hopefully) only be an instructor for another year or so.
    Whilst I'm here, does anybody have any tips for the initial interview? I'm not too worried and I know there's been multiple threads about this, but seeing as I'm already asking a question I thought I may as well.

  2. It wont hurt, and if your ACF are happy that you could depart in a year or so...
  3. I vaguely recall that you cannot hold a commissioned post in one but not the other, or it might be a certain way round, my brain is fuzz, but I swear there are regulations concerning duel roles.
  4. Apply for both. If you get to Sandhurst, super dobra. But if you do, you certainly won't have any spare time to commit to the ACF. If you get an ACF commission, but fail AOSB, at least you'll still have a cadet commission.
  5. No Reg or MPGS, of any rank, can hold a postion in the ACF.

    NRPS, TA and FTRS (and CCF) different rules apply. Manly consent of CO, and his/her acceptance of a (for example TA tom being a Sgt Instr (minimum) in the ACF), also an understanding that the ACF needs are second to that of the other service (inc CCF).

    You can't hold a commision in either, if you don't in the other.
  6. Yes by all means go for an ACF commission, it will look good on your CV and at AOSB. Clearly you will have to leave the ACF on entering the army at Sandhurst.
  7. Personally, it'd mark you out as a self serving grabber, but don't let that stop you. I thought the same as Choc Frog but have seen the rules bent, usually for snco's jumping the gun before they get their P45's.
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Equally not taking the opportunity might mark you out as someone who is reluctant to contribute to the best of their ability. I understand the point WO2G is making but unlike the commissioning process in the TA the commissioning process in the ACF doesn't divert resources away from other things. As most counties have more slots than officers you are unlikely to be standing is someone else's way.

  9. I thought the same to be honest, although my 2IC still seemed happy for me to apply despite the timescale of my hopeful departure which reassured me slightly. As the next comment suggested, I just think it might show that I am proactive and want to progress as much as possible - I am very proactive anyway as an ACF instructor: every Company weekend, every parade night, approx. 16 hours a week on top of the standard 4 hours parade, arranging extra events/training, etc.

    Thanks for all the comments so far, by the way.
  10. The ACF approached you, you said.

    And you may be a fine CFAV but may not make it as a officer otr soldier. many hurdles lie in front of you. So why not 'grab' what comes your way... see if they'll put it on a reference for you.
  11. I am in the EXACT same position.
    Recently passed the board which my ACF Bn is going to try and use to give me an ACF commission, then when I get to Sandhurst will be leaving the cadet forces with an eye to returning as an all round better instructor / officer.

    Interested to see what you guys think!
  12. Do you mean Westbury in which case a pass on that = commissionable.
  13. Once you start Sandhurst, the ACF will fall completely off your radar, trust me!

    No offence to the ACF, mind! One of the best Military youth organisations in the UK! ;)