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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Cardinal, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. I have a 19 year old daughter who works as an HCA, she has NVQ level 2 after attending college.

    She has also got to the stage where she wants to leave home and become independant. Housing costs are prohibitive, HCA pay not great so I suggested she look at joining the QA's as an HCA.

    Whats the training, employment and career structure like for a young 19 year old HCA in the QA's?

    I also suggested she look at the RAF as an alternative, although I dont think they have HCA's anymore, since the urban legend is they take better care of their people.

  2. The RAF don't have HCAs. Your daughter may wish to consider Medical Assistant as a trade in the RAF - it includes clinical work as well as admin, and opens the way to aeromed and paramedic training.

    The RAF do generally look after their people better.
  3. Ventress

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    The Hilton, or Marriot springs to mind.
  4. I must admit - the RAF do have to slum it on exercise too

    sometimes they are put up in a hotel with just one star!!
  5. If HCA is what she wants - get her to see the ACIO for the AMS recruiting leaflets, the recruiting teams' phone number will be in it.

    NVQ is linked into HCAs trade training career path
  6. Thanks for the info.

  7. I ahve to admitt I ahve never met a RAF MA who has had a patient contact role. I have been admined out of a RAF trainging establishment for a couple of years and all the MA's I ahve met are all clerks. Even when the RAF ran the field hospital on tour, still no clinically based MA's, I must be moving in the wrong circles. (sh!t I didn't check the bar or the hotel) I have heard a whisper that they are training a very small number to be paramedics, but this is a very small number as they tend to PVR with thier spanking great qual once they have got it.
  8. Are you drunk?
  9. He isn't but I am!!!!!
  10. Who? Why?

  11. You must indeed be moving in the wrong circles if you've never heard of aeromed. All Flight Nursing Attendants are MAs. They fly either as part of a team with Flight Nurses (FNs) and MOs, or by themselves. MAs at flying stations provide the crew for airfield crash rescue ambulances (the gucci TMVs).

    It's true that most of the first tranche of paramedics PVRd after qualifying - clearly no-one at PMC or DMETA thought that some sort of return of service might be an idea, or that the prospect of endless back to back tours might put some people off. However, all current paramedics are on return of service arrangements, so will be staying. There has been some disruption of paramedic training as a result of ambulance service regionalisation, but it continues.

    MAs continue to have a clinical role on helicopters as part of Tac Med Wg.
  12. All true, but I was trying to generalise. I am not sure of the size of the RAF MA cadre, and the numbers required for the aeromed. But given the difficulty in getting peple qualified to work on aeromed and stay qualified, surely only a small percentage actullay get the flying/crash medic role and stay away from those filing cabiniets.. I stand ready to be corrected.!!!!!!
  13. Arent the RAF medics on the CCAST all paramedics?
  14. how can they not have heard of aeromed, its all the RAF talk about! :thumright:
  15. Tac Med Wg now there is an oxymoron, what is tactical about strategic evacuation in a bloody great aircraft??