Regular Forces Employment Association

I work for the RFEA who provide the job finding support part of the Careers Transition Partnership, who sort out resettlement for service leavers.

I'm just wondering how any service leavers on here found their experience through us. I ask only because I have gotten mixed feedback thus far and with certain aspects of the resettlement and job finding process letting us down I am curious to know who I should point the finger at!

So have you had good/bad experiences with any parts of the following:
Careers Transition Partnership (the bit whilst your still in)
Careers Transition Workshops (CV workshops etc)
Careers Consultants
or on the job finding front (The bit when your out)
The RFEA as a whole
The employment consultant
The Officers Association.

Any views would be much appreciated as I have been in the role for a couple of months now and would like to organise some changes if at all possible.


When I left the regs in 93 I used the RFEA office in Hull and the service I received was excellent. I got my first civvy job from there.

When I left FTRS after almost 6 years, I found the 3 day CTP Workshop (the only thing I qualified for as FTRS) a bit of a waste of time as all it focused on was CV writing & interview technique. It was broadly similar to the training review you used to get from the job centre if you had been unemployed for 6 months. BTW, the way a CV is constructed seems to depend on who you talk to & what their industry background is/was.

I was however fortunate enough to get a NRPS post :) which I saw on 2 Divs web page under DRO's (couldn't find them anywhere else) and have now lost my login to the CTP website :(

I found the old RFEA web site was excellent but now old codgers like me who may have cause to use it don't seem able to. :(
TBH i felt let down, mine was a medical discharge with 3 weeks notice. Most of the time when i did email the RFEA for advice the replies would be weeks later. I gave up trying to ring them as they guy i needed to deal with was never in the office. Also the 3 day cv work i found useless, as when i left and was looking for work the cv formats being taught were outdated.
It should not be possible to be med discharged with 3 weeks notice! They give you discharge leave and terminal leave and at least 30 days resettlement time plus an interview with 2nd line resettlement officer.

BTW, RFEA. You forgot these guys in your question and we get pretty good advice AND actual help with admin maze from these people!
Trust me i was, in fact the 2ic even when the sqn had my med discharge papers 2 weeks, i was still in work when i should have been away squaring the rest of my life away.

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