Regular DS attitudes towards TA students

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. I recently had a chat with a senior Tom who had just come back from a career course at Catterick. To my surprise, he failed the course. The soldier concerned is fit, motivated and intelligent and has a nice yellow gong following service in the sandpit.

    I wont go into the reason why he was told he failed ( would narrow him down too much ) but its fair to sy I was surpised at the reason given.

    His next comment was that the platoon commander made it clear that he really did not like the TA and saw no reason to put in any effort.

    The bloke concerned is too mature to sulk about it, but he does feel aggrieved.

    The problem is, that if less mature students get to Catterick on their courses and get an unneccesarily hard time from DS, all of the effort taken to recruit and retain the soldier is wasted.

    The vasy majority of regular soldiers I've worked with have no problem at all with TA soldiers ( well there is one NRPS WO1 who "fcking hates TA..." ...twat... ) but to me, the man is in the wrong job if he is supposed to be delivering training to soldiers.
  2. bb, glad you didn't post this on the TA forum.

    Did MATTS (Map Reading) at the weekend and failed one question on purpose cause the instructor was wrong. Yeah he (regular ) has the tick in the box but I know my subject
  3. then you are a fool, as you will only have to go it again.
  4. Why would you fail on purpose???????????
  5. Any chance of reading what Polar actually wrote before posting, troops?
  6. I did mate, ZUI my previous. I am just intrigued as to why he would fail on purpose.
  7. To make a point perhaps...
  8. Never had much bother with Reg D.S (And have been in mixed Reg/TA SNCO training Teams) most are too switched on to let the fact they were training TA get in the way of doing their jobs.
    Could it be a clash of personality instead? :?
  9. Failing a test doesn't prove a point. It makes you look like a twat. Don't get me wrong, if someone is wrong then they are wrong but I would still love to know what the question was???
  10. Possibly, but the bloke is pretty mellow and mature. The subbie should not ( IMO ) be spouting off against the TA if he is their platoon commander.
  11. Possibly, but the bloke is pretty mellow and mature. The subbie should not ( IMO ) be spouting off against the TA if he is their platoon commander.[/quote]

    True..... 8O
    I Take it was PNCO?
    Maybe a PC on a Ego trip, then it would be down to his PL Sgt/Sect Commanders to put him wise!
    But Then there is no saying he has to listen to them.....we have all been there.
  12. Well the TA is now meant to be on an "equal" level with the regular army, as the regs are over streched and under manned, so dinosaur attitudes of the past have to go, and if reg DS can't treat TA troops who are trying their best with some respect, then there will be a fall in TA numbers. You can only treat good people badly for so long till they leave and decide that life is too short to be treated as second class in all ways when in the UK, but when needed for Ops you are suddenly "equal." Of course I know there are differences in training and experience between regs and TA who only have weekends and training nights normally.
    Oh, and you know in the relms of anti discrimination, you can not be seen to be discriminating on Race, Colour, Creed or backgrounds and gender, well how about some one point out you should not discriminate against TA/ reservists who are only trying to do their bit, with no pretentions of being the same standards of "regs" given the less available time for training, but should be treated with respect at least. I have seen too many quality individuals who left after being treated badly by reg DS and officers.
  13. I'm having a go at Polar here,

    Appreciated, however. ITD/MATT is the lowest common denominator. It doesn't matter if you are a Reg or TA. It's the same test. If someone gets a bag on because they think they are right then maybe they should stop gobbing off at the DS and start looking at the manual. Reg or TA, everyone teaches of the same page.
  15. My point, exactly.