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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Big Avo, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Can members of the TA get on Regular Trade Courses??

    Been given conflicting answers from my seniors.

    I'm sorry if this topic has been covered previously, but I could not find anything when I did a search.
  2. In a word, yes.

    I did one back at the end of last year, and another a few years back.
  3. But don't expect to much from it. Don't forget the regulars don't have much to do on a normal Monday - Friday basis so extend every course from a week to a couple of weeks. You may be better off doing a TA course. Seriously.
  4. You'd be bored. The TA can fit all the necessary stuff into a much shorter time because of being considerably brighter.
  5. You have been given conflicting advice form seniors in the real world and you come here for the definative answer.

    You are a mong. Please take yourself to the nearest electricity sub station and collect your frisbee
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  6. Ha ha!

    Top banter!!
  7. Yes, TA soldiers can attend regular courses, but it's a unit decision. Generally, the unit will want some benefit from the investment of MTDs, so its probably got to be for a qualification that is useful to the unit (and probably one that is only available on a regular course) and for an individual who has the ability to do well on the course (at least pass!) and have the ability and attendance record which indicates that he/she will actually be able to use the qual back in the unit.
  8. Not really a bad thing, the last reg course I did we never finished after 1600, loads of coffee breaks, weekend off, 1230 finish on a Friday.

    ******* lush it was, the last TA course I did before that I hardly even got time to nip to the bogs and crack one off.
  9. That's the most dog toffee bullshit I have ever read.

    Kill yourself you stab ****.
  10. I think your response with its Wildean wit & elegance probably make the point rather well. Course take longer for Regulars because they need things to be read out to them.

    Yours aye

    CaptPlume, retired Reg & TA.
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  11. Got told that my next course is the All Arms Armourer Course.

    I was thinking about seeing if I could get onto the Reg Course, does anyone know if it goes into any more depth?
    Or is it just a case of swapping parts and a shed load of paperwork?
  12. It should be OK as long as:

    It's only on a 'fill-up' basis
    You unit can afford the MTDs
    You are not taking the spot a regular needs
  13. Stillhearing from some people that TA cant get loaded on Regular courses. Depends on the training establishment.