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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, May 24, 2005.

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  1. What's in a name?

    Firstly, sorry if this has been do to death.... I have searched but found nothing.

    There is talk that the TA will soon be changing it's name to Regular Army Reserve

    I work in recruiting, so I'm interested why this might be done?

    Will this bring in more people? Give the TA a better profile in the public eye? Stop Regulr soldiers using the phase STAB? (I think not! :lol: )


    P.S. And why couldn't they changed the name BEFORE spending millions on a sign the size of a small country to plaster on the side of our building?
  2. I thought that there was already a regular army reserve (as in those bods who are retained for x years post service in regs), however these are generally only deployed after the TA assets have been used up. Won't merging these two entities confuse things a bit?
  3. There's a paper doing the rounds relating to various reserve issues including a name change so suspect that is where the latest rumours have come from. However the paper does refer to:

    This is the main reason why a name change has been put on hold (again?). Too much spent on current branding, insufficient funds for re-branding.
  4. Sounds right, abacus....
  5. The man with the white hackle says..............................It's all down to money :)
  6. "RAR"

    I like that , sounds like a tigger

    RAR <pounce>
  7. LOL @ Polar69.
  8. Getting warmer. :wink:

    Galgenberg? I heard about a young signaller getting laid there once, or was that in his OTC days?
  9. More multi-national confusion. Our TD (Territorial Decoration) gets people confused with Irish Members of Parliament
    And as everyone knows the "RAR" is the "Royal Australian Regiment"

    Come 1st April 2008 Lord Haldane will be known as "Rotating" if this plan is followed through :x
  10. Spinning Haldane more like.
  11. TD causing confusion ? - whyever did they change it from the Volunteer Decoration ??.
  12. I thought tigger bounced rather than pounced............... :lol:
  13. Can't imagine,why wouldn't anyone be proud to have the letters VD after their name? :lol:
  14. OK "Rotating very,very fast "
  15. Perhaps on this basis, the QVRM should be renamed the 'Special Territorial Decoration'.