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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by daddypops, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I'am 30 years old and have made the decision to join the regular army, does any one have any advice?

    Especially advice on the ADSC?
  2. Hi Mate.

    My advice is don't worry about your age just go for it. Im 29 and have just passed selection. Start basic 4 may.

    In my experience i think being that bit older and more mature will help you through selection. Just be carefell about which regiment you choose those. Some jobs will be more physical demanding that others.

    I wish you the best of luck mate.
  3. It will be one of the best decissions you will make, if you don't you will always regret it, go for it & good luck Oppo.
  4. Thanks Mate,

    I have so far decided, to join the RLC as a Petroleum Operator, I have taken a career once leaving the army into account for this one, is this something you know much about as this was a job that was suggested by the Army Careers Office?
  5. As long as your happy with your job choice mate then go with it. Don't be talking into a job you don't really want by the recruiting sergent. All that will happen is you will hate you time in the army, get out as soon as you can and wish you had neaver joined
  6. have a search for one of the users called MSI64, not only is he a recruiter, he is also a Petroleum Operator ;)
  7. Be prepared to be placed in a troop who are all approximately 10-12 years younger than you, both in Phase 1 and Phase 2 training. If you can put up with that and get through to the Regulars, you won't look back.
    Good Luck to you and welcome to the family*.
    Slipperman (37 years service and still counting!).

    *(Of course, I mean the Army as a whole, not the RLC). :wink:
  8. Hi,

    Thanks for all of your advice, are there any training tips that you could all pass on, especially for the upper body because my press up and heave ups are pathetic.

  9. ;
    There will be lots on getting stronger in the Health and Fitness forum

    Anyway, as long as you can do half a press up you'll blend in fine to our glorious Corp. :wink:

    As for your age, don't worry about it, in training the older members of a troop are often given more responsibility.

    Best of luck Grandad :twisted:
  10. I recently passed out of training not long ago. As an older bloke like yourself, I had much the same concerns. Having spent some time now at my regiment I think there are a few points you need to be aware of so you go in with your eyes open...

    1. There will be times, especially in training when you think to yourself "Hold on, I'm a 30 year old bloke and your treating me like a kid". Grin and bear it.

    2. You may find it a bit demeaning to take orders and get a bollocking by someone who is 8 years your junior and looks like he can get away with shaving once a month.

    3. When you get to your regiment most of your peers will all be Cpl's, Sgt's and so on. You will likely find that this is a bit weird as you'll identify more with them and their interests and so on but be lumped in with the juniors.

    4. This is quite dependant on where you end up in the army but you will have to accept at 30 years old your career in the army will be a short one. Your way too old to get the full 22. In similar vein to this, your promotion prospects are also limited. Like I said before, this is highly dependant on what you end up doing but generally you would be extremely lucky to see a merit based promotion to L/Cpl within 3 years. This isn't so bad for an 18-20 year old but at 30 it's another matter entirely. There are Sgt's who have been in 17 years before they got where they are so you can see at 30 time is not on your side.

    Please don't take any of that as my attempt to dissuade you. Far from it. Yes it is crap sometimes but on the whole you will be glad you did it if your prepared to take the above on board and live with it.
  11. ;
    Not sure I agree with this point friend, surely a 22 year career means what it say's on the tin. To restrict him because of age would be discriminatory and classed as a career failing (?)
  12. I thought that the recruitment age limit was as such so that the older recruits can undergo a full 22 year career, retiring at 52 still not bad
  13. Nobody is going to restrict him. It's purely time that is against him. If he was to achieve the full 22 he would be 52 years of age. Though the army's official retirement age is 55, it's a difficult target to reach unless your at least a SSgt or WO and ignoring medical issues that crop up as we get older. If you have any doubts about that just take a quick look through your own regiment and see how many of them are over 43 and those that are, what rank they are and what age they joined.
  14. Not sure why this '22 year" career is being discussed gents, anyone joining does so on a VEng short career, this means that you are signing up for 12 years colour service effectively.

    12 years is the most that you can serve on that engagement and not everyone will get offered VEng Full either, also this new career package is a 37 year career plan, which means it takes an 18 year old to 55 years of age, but it isnt offered to everyone and VEng Long which replaces the Long Service List is still by selection and also the existance of a vacancy.

    Realistically you will be offered VEng short and you could be lucky if you manage to climb the ranks quickly to enable you to go forward on to VEng Full which would see you at 54 years of age having served 24 years.
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  15. Surely if you are hitting the bft standards and doin well your age doesn't joining
    at 32 in a few months

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