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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Snakedog, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. PLEASE PLEASE take 5 minutes of your time to sign this e-petition & also please post it on your own F/B wall & kindly ask your friends to also do the same.

    The cut off age of 35 for the Regular Army is too young.
    Even if it were raised by 2 years I and many others could be given a fair chance to apply & not just be limited to the TA's.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to sign this e-petition.

    army entry - e-petitions
  2. I think 35 is far to high, I also think the cut off age for the TA ( not no apostrophe "s" ) is also far to high and unrealistic, and don't get me started on fossils ben allowed to stay on in the TA past the age of 55.
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  3. Snakedog - sorry, you did have a fair chance to join. When you were within the required age limits. If we. Raise it to 37, so you can join, why should we not raise it to 39, so my cousin can join? Why not to 50, so others can join? There has to be some limit, balanced against average fitness, likelihood of injury & return of service (probably many other factors I don't know about too).

    I always wanted to go on funhouse (the twins, the twins!), but sadly I'm too late. As are you.
  4. [​IMG]

    "[h=1]Army entry[/h]Responsible department: Ministry of Defense
    There should not be a cut of point on entry into the regular should be based totally on individual health and fitness..not everyone at a certain age has bad health and fitness and if we pass at a certain age we should be given a chance to be a regular."

    Seems fair enough , plenty of unfit youngsters around.

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  5. The max age for the elite RAF regiment is 50 I think.
  6. Please explain why 35 is too high? I am in good health & have good levels of fitness & more importantly a burning desire to serve along side these Brave Warriors.

    The Regular Army could get the best part of 10 or more years out of people in my age group...
    Do we not have Veterans over the age of 40 Fighting on the front line (& doing a sterling job may I add) out in Iraq & Afghanistan?

    Bearing in mind the cuts that the Army are facing the TA (no apostrophe ;) is going to called upon more & more over the coming years to support the regular forces...

    Therefore would it not be more beneficial for us older applicants to undergo training on a full time basis & not a part time basis as in the TA?
  7. Sorry OP increasing the max age just No

    For so many reasons..........
  8. You're too old, get used to it. Where was this "burning desire" aged 18-30?
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  9. Some ( not all I grant you) blokes joining up at an older age like the age you specify would have difficulty being told what to do by some spotty 20 year old Jnco I reckon.

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  10. I will not get used to it... I will join the TA...

    This "Burning Desire" was laying dormant deep inside of me.

    "Love is Blind"

    I found that out the hard way...:rage:

    If I never met said Bit*h I'm damn sure I'd have 15+ years service under my belt & wouldn't even be having this conversation.

    Hindsight huh...
  11. I see your point, But I don't care who tells me what to do as long as I receive some of the best armed forces training on offer in the world.

    Anyway peeps thanks for your responses, All taken onboard. :applaud:
  12. Good Idea! Thanks :applaud:
  13. msr

    msr LE

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