Regular armed forces redundancy programme - REME Hot List?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Tiffy_A_Mech, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. As per the title... has anyone got any inside info on what the likely trades and ranks are going to be for REME?

    The ABN is available on ArmyNet and gives a rough 6 month time line before official release of who is on the list?
  2. My stripy was saying that talk in the mess is of 18 year point, don't know how they will work it with trades though, aren't we still under manned as a corps? ( my trade is)
  3. I've heard they're closing artisan WO2 posts, reinstating VEs, Gun Fitters, CETs and the Corps RSM.
  4. Hummmmm have we not been here before.......
  5. Extract from the latest DEME(A) Bulletin: (Dii -

    "Tech Elec Surplus Issue. Buoyant recruiting, an
    increase in Ph 2 pass rates, changes to manning liability,
    and reduced voluntary outflow, has resulted in the REME
    being critically overmanned in the Tech Elec CEG (189
    above liability) particularly at the Lance Corporal Class 2
    and Sergeant Class 1 level
    . A directed letter to the REME
    CoC has been distributed to ensure that the Tech Elec
    community is made aware of the issue and to encourage
    them to consider the transfer/employment opportunities
    available to them elsewhere, in order to avoid more
    drastic action by DM(A)

    And this was dated 10th Sep, prior to the SDSR announcement!
  6. Have been on the REME Soldier Wing brief and those with 18 years of service or more are being considered for redundancy. And you would receive an immediate pension with a pay-out, the final decision will made mid March 2011.

    All this redundancy stuff is part of the big SDSR picture. If the Army has to reduce by 7000 (about one brigade), how many REME CSS will go? The figures banded about is unofficially 1500 people(mostly through natural wastage, MND and PAP10 wasters).

    Remember 'Manning Control Points'(12 year and 15 year point), this is now officially suspended until further notice!

    So, those of you who are permanently MND or PAP10 will not qualify for redundancy(or promotion), but will show up on REME Soldier Wing's radar for SNLR(the brown letter). This reminds of 'Options for Change' in 1993, it's like history repeating itself.
  7. Yet another knob labeling people who will be discharged under PAP10 as wasters. If I'm a waster after snapping my anterior quadricep, having an extensive Deep Vein Thrombosis in my femoral artery post surgery, a meniscus repair due to damage caused in the original accident and still on voluntary remedial physiotherapy 5 days a week after 18 months oh yes, and about to have 2 x 3 week intensive therapy sessions at an RRU then thanks very much you COCK!!!

    Not all people on the sick are skivers, not all those who stay in post redundancy will be worth the money they are paid. Just be thankful you are bodily intact, have a job/career and can walk without pain and a limp.
  8. Lets be honest though, there are an awful lot of wasters out there with bad backs and shot knees etc. They should not however be confused with the genuine sick and injured working hard to gain some sort of fitness or just getting on with it and doing their job.

    Trouble is the wasters do seem to out number the genuine at the minute. My view from the coal face.
  9. Just have a look around you at the people that are now 'fit' after the cage was rattled, ages milking it now this.
    Not all sickies are milking it as EScotia rightly points out, but not all people who claim dicky knees/back/whatever are THAT sick either.
    If you are paid to get on the Tirfor when you need to but can't through illness or injury (that will not get better) its time to walk/limp to the admin office and hand in you id card.
    There isn't a bedding store big enough to employ all of the 'biffs' in whatever shape they make up in the Army at present.
    In a few years the recession migrant squaddies will have left after their minimum service and we'll be back to normal.
  10. As a matter of interest, any idea what the rationale was behind doing away with VEs and Gun Fitters? I recall they were both valuable trades with plenty of work to go around.
  11. IIRC they went as the CEGs were not sufficiently large enough to support a career path comparable to other CEGs.
  12. Errrr.. thanks for replying but could you translate please? IIRC,CEG?? :)

    Right, i've sussed the IIRC, CEG still a mystery though. Do tell..
  13. Career Employment Group
  14. Thanks for that. As you've probably guessed I belong in 'Old & Bold'! :sad: