Regular and TA Mixed Units

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brass_magnet, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. What do you think of mixed Regiments, Regular with TA elements Like 5 GS Med Regt. Do they really work, and do either really benifit from each other. I my own unit doesn't benifit at all. I am in a TA Det part of HQ Sqn of the above Regt, and we literally have no kit. not even a battery. Whats your thoughts.
  2. You do have those sexy 'Camouflaged Dome Tents' though, be thankful of that!
  3. But they ain't ours. everything we have is a loaner, even our webbing is from another Sqn. And 30 odd weapons between 64 of us.
  4. Your ambulance drivers, surely you only need one per ambulance to ‘put down’ the poor squaddies that won’t make it to the Fd Hosp? :)

    Seriously though, it’s a good point. Are you a new unit or something? Webbing on loan is almost worth a Daily Mail Hatchet job/investigation.
  5. What ambulance? lol. We have to borrow them too. We had one vehicle and the MTO VOR'd it. then they took it off us. we have been going now 5 years and still have nothing. at one point we had to borrow 5 weapons from LCV to do SAA. it was that or use brush handles. That was during Telic. Its a joke.
  6. Well I wouldnt trust anyone from Chorely with a weapon either! :p :p
  7. Well I wouldnt trust anyone from Chorley with a weapon either! :p :p
  8. yes but odd's on only 20 of you knowing what to do with a rifle ;)

  9. See you know its true, you know were we are lol.
  10. I think this works quite well with REMF type units but infantry regiments and decent artillery regiments need to be fully manned by regular soldiers except for a backfill of TA soldiers in times of conflict!!!!