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Discussion in 'RLC' started by bomb_burst, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Are there any rules or regs regarding Regt ties? Obviosuly you wouldn't wear one to a strip club, but any rules (or even conventions) regarding; length of service, rank, unit, status, etc?

    Also when/ where is it best to wear one and in whcih 'orders' of dress?


  2. Why wouldn't you wear one to a strip club ? I suppose you could complement your tweed and twill with a cravat in regimental colours to show you intended to have a "relaxed evening"
  3. Is this a challenge attempt at 'bone question of the year'?
  4. I think even I'm allowed a pop at this one. It's a tie. Wear it when you wear a tie. If it's hard, get dressed, feel around your neck for a tie, if it's there take it off and put your regimental one on. If the invite's to 'Mullah Omar's Bar and Grill', think carefully before you choose the stripey one.
  5. You don't wear a regtl tie with any order of dress.
  6. Mess tin order at formal occassions.
  7. Tied around your head whilst lighting your pubes.
  8. Ah yes The Corps tent at Twickenham!
  9. unless your in our Regt, then you need a RLC dramas with that...but then i need a Sgts Mess tie....if i must....and to top it im "leaned" on to buy a QOGLR tie, to be worn with the Mufti dress of blue blazer, grey trousers that i had to buy on arrival in this wonderful Regt. Oh well, posted in July!
  10. We managed to get that Mufti shite chinned off for all UKTAP a few years ago, looks like someone lost a pair and took it up the wrong'un again.
  11. Don't be a prat and go somewhere decent!.
  12. A certain ex Royal Hampshire wore his regimental tie to a strip club once. He was by then a Company Commander in 2 Wessex and the visit was with a group of fellow officers and SNCOs. The following day his wife took him by surprise by asking him what had caused the stains on his tie. Without time to think, he blurted out the truth...he had been invited on stage by a young lady who had then proceeded to do unspeakable things with a banana with his very intimate assistance. The wife was the daughter of a former Colonel of the Hampshires and was apparently totally calm and understanding when given the explanation.
  13. As a former Royal Hampshire I would love to know who that was.
  14. During the mid 80s the youngsters of 59 Cdo, on certain functions, chose to wear DJs/Tuxedos. Some of the more daring used Cdo Engr pattern bow ties. One such run ashore ended with the police in the vicinity of Plymouths Union Street searching for the "Bat Wing Collar Gang".

    The Cdo Engr pattern ties were used more frequently with lounge suits/blazer and chinos.

    Eh lad, they were the days.
  15. My ARRSE tie cut quite a dash at the post-remembrance drinkies last month. I urge all to get one.