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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by philmc82, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. I'm not looking to start some walt outing thread, but wanted to know:

    is it normal that attached arms to certain regiments wear that regts' t shirt?

    I was on a course recently and an attached bloke to whatever para was wearing the t shirt whenever he could. Bar/gym/town/train station, blah blah.

    I guess it's his unit, but just seems a bit gay.

    I'm attached to an infantry unit, and get shit for wearing theirs even for PT.

  2. Yes.

    The End.

    By Dale aged 6 and a bit.
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  3. They've only got one? Fuck me sideways and call me Susan, these defence cuts are really starting to take the piss aren't they?
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  4. How come then if Mike Golden was actually in the Regt, he gets so much shit for his ink?
  5. <<Checks it's the NAAFI>>

    Because he's a cunt.
  6. Here's why - Mike Golden - ARRSEpedia

    He didn't even get to Phase 2!
  7. I like my t-shirts to have arms attached......or else they're just vests, and vests make me want to beat women and wear Lonsdale kit from sports direct.......
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  8. I once walked past a Frog Legion recruiting office and thought about going in for a brew.

    Since than I have been wearing a T shirt that says "No Regrets, De Gaul you are a count"

    is this ok?
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  9. Wearing tour t-shirts is fine but I think wearing para reg gear for attchd arms is walty.

    One of our TA medics has a para reg sweat shirt. He has done a tour with them agreed, but it's not a tour t-shirt, is it now?

    The big timing fanny.
  10. Oooh, oooh, look what I found!!!

    golden letter.jpg
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  11. It's a thing of rare beauty.
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  12. Don't we all have something like that hanging on the back of the shithouse door?
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  13. Still gutted that my name ain't on it :(
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  14. I've got about 40 (no duff) t-shirts that "I didn't have to buy".

    Sweatshirts and jackets that "I didn't have to buy".

    Still, at least everyone knows that I was, at some stage, in O The Rocket Troop, AGC Det 1 RHA, Richmond Platoon 3 QUEENS, the list could go on and on and on.

    I didn't have to buy them though, unless I felt completely compelled.

    (Yes VG, the WRAC pants and tracksuit are still yours - when I find them)