Regt Mergers: nice little fight going on

I have been following the debate in the letters page of the Scotsman between 2 Div spokemen (prompted by MoD "corporate communications" civvies I would suggest) and retired officers, mainly KOSB and RS.

The letter below is the latest shot to be fired in this longrunning battle, and it seems as if the 2 Div spokesman has thrown a hissy fit on behalf of MoD. The "safety of the armchair" jibe is particularly bitchy and I suspect that 2 Div/MoD have a misconception with regard to what retired officers are "entitled" to do.

The letter from Lt-Col JA Charteris (14 September) has taken the debate on the future of the Scottish infantry to new depths. He is entitled to his views. However, from the safety of his armchair, he is not entitled to impugn the integrity of a serving officer charged with charting the future of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

HQ 2nd Division
West Lothian
The letter from Lt Col Charteris was spiteful and less than contributory to morale. Any Soldier reading it must have been influenced to question the integrity of their current Officers. That means that the letter fails the Service Test and retired or not, the author should have confined his comments to private discussion on that basis. I think Col Campbell was speaking from the heart and speaking for many more than just 2Div/MOD. I am delighted that the soldiers in his Div have been able to see that their Officers are not going to just sit back and take it anymore.

The letter that he was responding to:

I particularly like the statement that:

"In the past few months, I have spoken to many serving soldiers and a few junior officers in the Royal Scots and the KOSB. Most were completely unaware of the future debilitating effect on morale of the permanently based battalion locations."

Suggests that the soldiers Lt Col Charteris spoke to didn't agree with him - a Bliar spin-doctor would have thought twice before presenting that defeat as such a success.

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