Regt Dinner Night Menu Help

Having been spammed to organise a Regt Dinner Night, I am after some help on putting togehter a menu. Obviously a lot of it is billy basics, but i was just after a few examples of layouts if anybody has them on electonic copy and can email them accross to me.

Any help much appreciated

Kind Regards

A good rule of thumb when planning a menu for a mess dinner is to go for something that tastes good cold!!!!
The exact thing I'm after is the actual electronic format for a layout. NOT ideas for the food itself. Thats all sorted is the rest of the admin: band, Regt marches toasts etc etc

Any help is much appreciated
Are you after a table layout, menu cards & name card lay outs? Best person --- Mess Manager. He will have old stuff to hand. If not PM and i will drag out some old stuff where i can. :chef:
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