Regs view of 4 para

I was wondering what the regular paras view of 4 para was. I know when I was in the rifles our view of the reserves wasn't that great but from what I can gather 4 paras standards are higher and they have regs rotated through each unit to maintain standards so are they viewed as equal?


No, they are not equal. Stand by for broadbrush generalisation, exceptions exist in all ranks:

They do not have the time to train to the same frequency or intensity, so there is an acknowledged “skills gap”. This however tends to be closed quite quickly at the junior ranks once they train for longer periods, less so for more senior ranks.

Someone once told me their “rule of thirds” - one third within a hair’s breadth of their regular counter part, indistinguishable very quickly. One third up to scratch within a good pre-deployment package. The last third were either good in their day but now past it, promoted to a level where they just couldn’t cut it in a regular unit, or able to bluff it for 48 hours, but found wanting for anything longer.

My experience was that the regular battalions have the same types, but in different splits.

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