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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fool_hardy, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I`m a Lcpl currently serving in the RLC (REGS), havng done almost 5 years, and recenetly completed a tour of Afghanistan.
    I am leaving to pusrue ambitions outside the army but still have a passion for soldiering so am looking at joining either 4Para or 5RRF (both ta).
    Any info on what training i would do, whether i would keep my rank, and anything else that may be helpful would be very much appreciated,
    Cheers in advance.
  2. Theres a bit of a catch 22 in joining the TA after the regs

    Do I keep rank ? Yes as long as you join within a couple of years (might be 3)

    Is it a good idea to go straight from the regs to the TA ? Err probably not, quite a few make the change and find it very difficult, its all down to mindset, the hardest thing to get your hed around is that TA soldiers are civies first and foremost. their lifes revole around thier life, family, work etc the TA is what they do on the spare time, however many seem to do not much else BUT the TA.

    No heres the test, if you think the what I just wrote means that the TA part-timers playing at soldiers and getting pished, then you really don't have the mindset yet.

    I took 6 yrs out, 6 yrs learning to become a civvy before I went anywhere near a TAC and even then it took a while to understand what motivates the guys.

    Will you keep your rank, by rights yes, but don't be suprised if the Coy Commander decides to hold it from you for 6 months or so, oh and don't forget that you may not be even qualified to be a Lance Jack in the infantry.

    Putting that all aside its a great life and you meet some fgreat blokes, I (rather arrogantly) thought that "stabs" wouldn't get my dark reg humour, only to find there are some even worse perverts in the TA than I ever met in the regs
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    As ever, the top advice is to either visit them, or call them and speak to the PSI or PSAO.

    For either of them, you should be prepared to do CIC, as despite your regular service you do not have "Inf trained" on your record.

    In 4 Para you would be required to do the build up for P Coy which is conducted on the recruit weekends, so you will be there anyway. This leads you nicely to CIC and P Coy, so you get the full benefit!

    Keeping rank is very much dependant on the individual, posts available etc. Worst case scenario is that you will lose it on joining, but could expect to pick it up again quite quickly once you have settled in and proved yourself as a section 2ic rather than as an RLC Det Comd (or whatever your previous job was), and subject to having the relevant qualifying course.

    No-one is trying to knock your regular service, but you are proposing to change role - you should expect to do some retraining.

    As with all internet advice, this is very generic. Speak to the units concerned, and put your case to them.

  4. the_duke
    U seem to be the 4 para guru on here, out of the 2 its more likely i`ll go for 4 para however i already have a very high standard of fitness and would feel a bit knarked to have to do the recruit weekends I currently serve with a reg airborne unit (however i dont have wings) so understand the fitness levels needed and already reach them this in mind what are the chances i would bypass recruit weekends and go straght to CIC??

    PS. I will ring on unit on monday for advie but anything you can give me would be gr8.
  5. Theres a bloke in my unit who more or less joined us when he left the regs, he kept all of his quals but due to a fcuk up at Glasgow he became a private, 2 years later he's still waiting for his tapes back!

    Or the other extreme was I went on a standards weekend a couple of years back and shared a room with a bloke who had been out for 6 years, joined back up, was issued his uniform and given 2 tapes as well, he admitted he had some skill fade, which after 6 years is understandable.

    Will you keep your tapes? That seems to be in the lap of the turds at Glasgow!
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The recruit training is not all about fitness, it will also ensure that you are up to the standard for CIC. I am not saying that you are not - as I said, general advice.

    If you had someone who had spent 5 years in the Inf, but had been working alongside the RLC, would you expect him to keep his rank and require no further training if he applied to a join an RLC unit? Each is a specialist skill,and requires training and practice.

    Working alongside an airborne unit does not automatically make you prepared for P Coy, in the same way that all arms basic recruit training does not make you an infantry soldier.
  7. If you do join the TA and get to keep your tapes then please please please attend. I know of a mate who had his promotion blocked because a bloke joined up, kept his rank and took up the only available slot for that rank. Then didnt attend
  8. I joined after a 6 yr gap and lost the lot, the only way to get me back was by boards, however both my boards were in (extremely) quick succession, so much so some of the sometimes attenders were confused by suddenly being a full screw

    I would like to opoint out however I wasn't just given the rank back, I bloody worked for it, I have spoken to some guys who were ex-regs been out, then in before me and didn't get made up straight away, why ? Because they sat back and expected to get promoted
  9. I am Ex reg, last post as PSI then straight in the same unit. I dropped a rank initially as probationary period, I felt it was a lesson in humility though. All the above advice is spot on.
    Join within 3 years of leaving regs then no recruits course and straight onto full 5 year bounty. They may allow you to keep your rank in a different arm as long as you can pass all relevant courses within a set time scale. I was given 2 years when I re badged, but it is down to the unit you join and your PSAO as they hold quite a bit of power.

    As for the soldiers.... can be a funny lot but like Regs you wouldn't give everyone permission to knob your sister ! Some of the PSIs can be right lazy gits, some see the TA as 4 day 9 - 4 working week.