regs regarding medals on tattoos

I realise i may come under a bit of flak for this but im just enquiring as to the tattooing of late family members' medals.
My father passed away in January of this year having served, and was awarded an MBE for services in NI. I was looking into a memorial tattoo with said medal as a centrepiece and short script from the bible around the top and bottom.
What are opinions (other than SHIT!) on tattoos with medals on that havent been awarded to myself, or am I thinking too much into it.
Why ask a bloke of people you don't know on the internet. As far as im concerned mate you can tattoo, "My mum has got big tits and w@nks me off with her bum cheeks" in big letter accross your back. Its your body
When you've got an MBE have it tattooed onto you if you really really have to. Having a tattoo of a medal you personally haven't got not only looks sh1t, but everyone'll think you're a bit of a big-timer as well, and that's really not a good first impression.
I have my grandads medal, my dads medals (which also has an MBE in the collection) and mine. Perhaps I'll get them all done too. See how much they droop the older I get :)
I have my adopted Soviet fathers medals tattoo'd on my chest. Its the order of Lenin and I have a koi carp, a tiger and a samurai all round it looking in on it as if to say "fcuk me thats good"

Sadly my father was brutally murdered by the KGB for acts of public homosexuality, they removed the order of Lenin but they can't cut it off my chest

Папа только, потому что Вы сосете петух коммуниста, я буду всегда любить Вас
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