regs for wearing uniform out of hours?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by massivegeoff, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. i'm gonna sound like a real walt here but...what are the regs for wearing uniform out of hours these days? :oops:

    when i were a lad we weren't allowed to do it because we might get potshots from the boys. it STILL grates coming out of my house and walking to the car in uniform! :cry:

    anyway, another guy at cadets wants to go on a civvie training course in uniform to save time as he has to go to cadet training in the evening. 8O trying to convince him otherwise. just wondering if there is a rule i can show him (apart from the "you'll look like a twat" rule!) so he will realise it's probably best o go on his civvie course in civvies and carry the uniform in a bag. :p
  2. Remind him he is a walt
  3. MG

    Guidlines for cadet force staff is "Uniform is to be worn when on duty and travelling to and from duties only " as per December directive from HQ UK Land .

    Why don't you tell him to go through the correct channels
    ie:ask his CEO
    who I am sure will tell him if you are not travelling to/from or on ACF business then the uniform wearing is against that land directive.

    also tell him to stop being a sad walter and that actions like his proposed wearing of uniform gives the rest of us a bad name


  4. tell him that he is one step away from buying replica medals to wear on his uniform while on his civvie training course, which is one step away from going to Remembrance day pretending to be a Falklands vet which is a stumble away from being outted in local and national newspapers for being a super sad and totally disrespectful walt.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Just tell him that there is a directive from Land stating that all ACF instructors found wearing uniform outside of ACF training time are to be doused in petrol and burnt as the walting cnuts they are.

    That should do the trick.
  6. It is common sense not to wear your uniform longer than needed.

    I think it is probably for insurance reasons as well, if you are wearing it outside of duty and gets injured, you cannot claim on the RFCA insurance policy.
    When wearing it (for right reasons) you are covered from your home to place of duty and on camp as well also the uniform gives you exemption from firearm regulation, as you cannot have a military weapon in Civvies, without written permission from a senior Officer.

    you can get changed at the detachment, I do that occasionally when it is impossible to get changed at work or Home, then I get changed in a suitable lockable room as I always insist that Cadet must make an effort to appear in Uniform and I should lead by example.

    This Gentleman could do the same, lead by example by acting with propriety and common sense, Civvies do pick up on walty behavior rather quickly, if you dress normally you don't stick out, its all about dressing according to the occasion.
  7. oh and you saying that there are no Walts in the TA and the Regular Army then ?

    I don't think the ACF has exclusive rights to Walty behavior, TA and Regs have been guilty of the same.

    I got the feeling that you have never met a good AI yet hence your negative views on these instructors, I suggest you take thing in perspective and chill out , there more important things in life to worry about.
  8. Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  9. Your "friend" is one of two things:

    A) So stupid he can't see the Security and Public Image problems this would cause himself and the ACF, in which case he shouldn't be allowed near children, or

    B) A walt, in which case he shouldn't be allowed near children.

    FFS, where do you recruit these halfwits from? :x
  10. At least whilst in the Army/TA you are actually serving.

    Maybe if cadets want to continue to wear TRF/uniform around in public they can have their own capbadge and a uniform change to... oh I don't know... an orange boiler suit or something? Could be a danger to themselves otherwise.
  11. Eh Ba?

    Wha Se?


  12. So, this throbber wants to save 10 minutes max getting changed into kit...

    I'm sure there's a name for this kind of bloke, can anyone refresh my memory?
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Quite right. I have never met a good one yet. I would certainly never spend time with they planning joint exercises, providing them with shed loads of blank and the LSWs to put it through, the rations to feed them with, the transport to get them around the area or anything like that.

    I think that they are all cnuts, dont I, Static Line Pimp?

    Chill out Postie - there is no way to defend someone attending a civvie course in kit just because he thinks it is easier than taking a bag with him.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If you are not on duty, then you could be wearing uniform, a pink tutu or feck all other than a smile and you would still not be covered....BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ON DUTY!

    Wearing uniform does not give any form of exemption from firearm regulation, otherwise everyone could go to a surplus shop instead of getting a firearm licence!
  15. He's obviously trying to impress all the birds on the course